Friday, November 6, 2009

Operation: Recovery

Incorporation: Thursday, November 05, 2009
Author: Miah999
Factions: Union, Reich
Game Board: Kaisz Castle
Material: Tannhauser Game
              Special Photo Token
Mode: Special
Difficulty Level: Hard

Reich spies have infiltrated a secret airbase near Lancaster England. This airbase was the final test site for the B-17X. We believe the spies have managed to escape with photos of both the aircraft and plans for its construction.

Union: Occupy three of four primary objective spaces, and recover the photos (Photo Token).

Reich: Maintain control of three of the four primary objective spaces, prevent the capture of the photos.

Place four Reich flag tokens on the four primary (gold) objective spaces. Place crate tokens on the secondary (silver) objective spaces, and the action circles.

Give the Photo token to any member of the Blutsturm Division.

Game Rules:
There is no need for a deployment roll, the Union forces enter through the front door. The Reich heroes are deployed adjacent to three of the four Reich Flags. The Reich troopers enter via the stairs.

To occupy an objective follow Domination Rules on pg. 15 of the rule book.

The Photo Token, follows the Capture the Flag rules on pg. 15 of the rule book. However, it may be picked up by either Reich or Union forces.

Game Ends after Ten Turns.

Victory Conditions:
The Union scores a major victory if they end a turn with three occupied objectives, and the Token in their possession.
The Union scores a minor victory if the end the game with the Photo token.

The Reich score a major victory if the kill all of the Union forces.
The Reich score a minor victory if the control two objectives at the end of the game.

Victory Points:
Either player scores two VPs each time the capture an objective