Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Sample of the coming Tannhauser Mythopoeia


Union, The

Is a conglomerated alliance of nations centered on the United States of America (where it derives its name), the Union is made up primarily of the U.S.A., the former British Empire, and Mexico. It uses a republican form of government consisting of a President as its leader and Congress as its representative branch. Its primary military force in the Great War is the Army of the Union.

The Union Flag is a blue field with the symbol of the Union embroidered on it. The symbol of the Union shows a stylized globe at its center (indicating the Union spans the world), around the globe a pair of stylized wings (possibly drawing from the American eagle symbolizing freedom), and near the bottom are three stars (presumably to represent the three founding nations The U.S.A., The British Empire, and probably Mexico).

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Yes I know Mythopoeia is misspelled on the title page.