Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Call to Arms (Your Actual Mileage May Vary)

This post edited on 5/25/2010 to reflect Pete’s suggestions.

Here it is the beta 5 which is hopefully the last beta; now I’ve posted one with the Vehicle Sectors and one without (for those who only want the map). First is the Vehicle Map, Vehicles will move from double arrow symbol to symbol, also they will be considered to occupy the shaded circles within their current sector (the arrow’s length is the length of the sector). The amount of movement will vary by vehicle.

Now here are the Highest resolution images I can post, those of you who can please print one or both and let the play-testing begin.

Jungle w Vehicle sectors-1

Here is a plain version of the jungle map (no vehicle sectors).

Jungle beta 5-1

Map Stats:

100 Path Circles (I think, that’s about 40 less than the average map)

4 Entry Points

2 Primary Objectives

2 Secondary Objectives

6 Action Circles

15 Vehicle Sectors, and 3 Entry Points for use by vehicles.

Remember, the Jeep Vehicle is a few posts down. Everyone should be thinking of scenario ideas. A vehicle rules update will follow soon, along with a Reich vehicle.