Friday, May 21, 2010

Tannhauser Vehicle Map Beta 2

Ok folks, here is a beta of my vehicle/ jungle map.

It currently has no objectives or action circles. We’ll see those in the third beta. This is a standard 26x26” Tannhauser map, but keep in mind this is a lower res sample.

The current vehicle rules follow below, keep in mind they are based on Tannhauser 1.0.

Vehicle Rules:

· Vehicles move only on the Vehicle Track (which is indicated by the gray boxes surrounding some of the Path Circles.

· They are considered adjacent to Path Circles adjacent to their current Vehicle Track Square.

· Their line of sight is determined by the Path colors within their current Vehicle Track Square, and they may be targeted from circles within their line of sight (they may not be the target of a Hand to Hand attack.

· Vehicles must have a driver to move (only a Hero may drive).

· If a Vehicle is deployed it replaces one Hero, or two Troopers.

· A Character may dismount or mount a Vehicle only from or to an adjacent Path Circle.

· A Vehicle will only block movement when occupied by at least one Character, when unoccupied a Vehicle counts as two Path Circles.

· Vehicles must move logically. E.g. a four Wheeled Vehicle may not turn within a single Vehicle Track Square. Vehicles may Bull-rush Characters, but not other Vehicles.

Vehicle traits:

· Armored: only the Vehicle may be a target, not the Characters within.

· Unarmored: both the Vehicle and passengers may be targeted.

· Light: Vehicle has a three row stat grid.

· Heavy: Vehicle has a four row stat grid.

· Small: when Bull-rushing a character, a Small Vehicle does no damage, but receives a two point bonus to the result of each die.

· Large: when Bull-rushing a Character, a Large Vehicle does damage equal to the number of success, and receives a three point bonus to the result of each die.

· Massive: when Bull-rushing a Character, a Massive Vehicle, automatically scores four successes, which may be countered by the defender’s shock roll, movement of a Massive Vehicle is not impeded by Character. If a Massive Vehicle ends its movement on a space occupied by a Character the Character (if they survive) is moved to an adjacent circle.

· Tracked: Vehicle may turn within a single Vehicle Track Square.

· Wheeled: Vehicle may not turn within a single Vehicle Track Square.

Jeep Rules: Unarmored, Light, Large, Wheeled, Vehicle

The M151 Multi-use Utility Truck or “MUT” is a four wheel drive, most terrain vehicle. It is a rugged, reliable, but unarmored vehicle. It has a maximum governed speed of 40 MPH.



- 4 - 3

- 4 - 3

- 3 - 2

The Jeep has a single equipment slot on its hood for future use.