Monday, May 17, 2010

Tannhauser Vehicles

I love games like Halo where you can be on foot and in a vehicle. So, I began to wonder is there a way to make path-finding work for a vehicle. I have an Idea that doesn’t really apply to the current maps, as they’re close quarters or indoors. But I’ve been working on a jungle map that’s mostly outdoors. I’ve taken the map and added a second set of larger path circles (keep in mind the circle art may change). The larger circles are of course for vehicle and as they’ll share the foot path color line of sight is of course simple.

veh-map copy

Here is my Idea of a vehicle, now I think a card board cutout is fine, it can carry three passengers, and the M2 machine gun provides a double combat bonus, and the light circle is actually an equipment slot for NOS or other useful “jeep tokens.” Of course a mini must be in the driver’s seat for it to move. The flip side of the of this will feature a destroyed jeep derbies image. The jeeps stats for now are 4 Hit points, move points are 3, 3, 1, vehicle path circles.

jeep copy