Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tannhauser Theater of War

I’ve been working on a concept that combines the game-play of Axis and Allies with the Tannhauser universe. Here’s what I have so far.

First is a useable map, it’s not ultra high quality but it’s the best I can manage for now.

Axis and Tannhauser

Second is a basic idea of game-play. For the most part it will use the basic Axis and Allies rules for unit movement and combat. The added mechanic will be a “Hero” system using the characters and figures from the Tannhauser game and expansions.

Here is a idea of what it may look like in play. (sorry but I’m out of color ink so the sample board is in B&W.) You can see the Heizinger and MacNeal miniatures in play, and while they are grossly out of scale, I believe it adds to their “larger-than-life” status as Heroes.

P1000755 Note the two green P-38s represent the A.A.A. The pieces used here are from Axis and Allies the Revised Edition (2004), I’m using this version because it’s the only one I have that includes The P-38s.

The Hero system will use a Command Point style mechanic where a player can activate special abilities by “spending” a certain number of Command Points.

An example power:

Captain MacNeal: “82nd Airborne Destruction Squad”

When MacNeal is with an attacking force you may spend one Command Point to add one free infantry unit to your attacking force. The number of infantry you may add is limited only by your current Command Point pool.

I plan to have four to five powers per hero character, but none of them are near a final version.

Any thoughts or ideas let me know.