Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Battle Report: The Dehumanizing Process

This weekend me and the wife were able to get in a couple rounds of Tannhauser, we played the somewhat odd Dehumanizing Process scenario included with the Reich Troop Pack.

The basic gist of the scenario is, it’s a Reich training exercise focused on object recovery. So basically it’s Karl Zermann and four Reich troopers running around trying to collect as many crates as they can. What I found odd about the scenario was how lop-sided  the teams seemed. the Reich force consists of five characters, while the “Opposing Force” consists of only three heroes. I chose MacNeal, Brown, and Volkov. and even with that level of firepower I barely made a dent in the Reich force. Needless to say my wife won, and then we switched sides. Me and the wife have very different playing styles, but I was able to win because she couldn’t control much territory with only three characters.

Unlike some games Tannhauser has no built in system for calculating team or character strength. For instance some games assign a point value to each character or unit, this value while somewhat arbitrary is designed usually to indicate the size or strength of a unit. So it can be hard to tell if a particular combination of characters are balanced against the opposing force. But we could use “Health Points” as a kind of measure. In this example the Reich force had a total of 16 health points, while the opposing force had only 12. As I said lop-sided.

All in all it was a fun little scenario, but I’m not sure the opposing force has much chance of winning against a relatively good Reich player.