Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Current Project Status

The Tannhauser Mythopoeia- in an edit to align it with the 2nd Edition Rules.

The Vehicle Map- Play-Testing Phase.

Vehicles- Base models for Reich and Union complete.

Vatican Inquisitors Faction- on hold, the new rules make no mention of the Vatican Cathedral Forces.

Book Ends Scenario- Will Update to reflect 2nd Edition Rules.

Operation Recovery Scenario- May Update if necessary.

Tile Style Maps- The Hybrid and Avalon Hill Tile maps are now considered complete, as I no longer have the base art files.

Projects still in the planning stage:

The UFO Temple Map

John Richards- Union Troop to Hero conversion. May now make more sense with the introduction of the Troop Pack.

Two more Union Hero ideas, and Blutstrum “troopers.”