Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dropping the Hammer: 6 Tannhauser Scenarios

Here we go, the largest post of custom scenarios I’ve ever made. This includes updates of previous scenarios and no less than four previously unreleased scenarios. Now, I will admit these are pretty Reich vs. Union heavy, but the Revised Rules included plenty of Matriarchy centric scenarios. So, without further delay lets get started…

Just Click the pictures and they’ll take you to Google Docs, for the PDFs, Most scenarios include a sheet of print and make tokens.

First, Operation: Cage the Devil, a Reich vs. Union affair requiring the Union to capture and escape with a live Stosstruppen.

Cage the Devil PDFM1944 Tokens PDF

Next, is Operation: Mirror Mirror, a title reference to the classic Star Trek episode. This scenario pits the Matriarchy against invaders from an alternate dimension. Think Major Volkov with a goatee.

Mirror Mirror PDFPortal Token PDF

Now, we come to Operation: Overkill, a Revised Rules remake of an older scenario from 2008, pitting the Union against a force of Demonic entities, and Marquis Heizinger is their only salvation.

Overkill PDF

Baroness von Ksiaz PDF

Orphans PDF









Now comes the Three Player Variant of Operation: Overkill, this psodo-what-if version of Overkill, Sees the Reich and Union trying to defeat the Baroness in different ways. You’ll need all the original Operation: Overkill files to play this one.

Three Player Overkill PDF

Bones Tokens PDF

Next, we have Operation: Recovery, a very FFG style scenario, revolving around a Reich takeover of a Union Air Base, and the new XB-17 bomber.

Recovery PDF

Photo Token PDF

Finally, we come to Operation: Book Ends, Revised Rules Edition, now I know I just posted this one, but I’ve made a few changes so that it matches graphically with my other scenarios.

Book Ends PDF

7 Books PDF

Well there you have it, six mostly new Tannhauser scenarios, play and enjoy, and please report back if you have any suggestions or questions.