Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fantasy Flight’s Renewed Tannhauser Fervor

This year is the first year Fantasy Flight has been the sole owner of the Tannhauser franchise since purchasing the IP from T.O.Y., and it is looking to be a great year for Tannhauser fans. We’ve seen an unprecedented number of Tannhauser releases including the new Revised Rules and the Union and Reich Trooper Packs. Now today we see yet another announcement that Asteros the Minotaur is on his way. Also there is mention of the long awaited updated Daedalus Map Pack expansion, leading us to believe we may see both new items by the end of the year (although FFG has not set a release date for either).

Read the official release here: In The Labyrinth He Dwells.


Thanks FFG for listening to the fans and bringing us more expansions.

Update: the FFG site now lists Asteros as expected Winter 2010.