Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project Update

Ok, right now I’m in a Tannhauser manic state spurred by the recent FFG announcements. So, I’ve got a lot of things going right now.

First, is the ongoing play-testing of my recently released Operation: Book Ends. I think it works well, but I would like some outside opinions.

Then, there are two other scenarios Operation: Cage the Devil and Operation: Overkill. These are nearly complete and I’m hoping to have a three player variant of Operation: Overkill here soon.

Next, I’m still working on some new map ideas, but maps take forever to develop.

Finally, I have a rule set and limited graphics for a new “Fire Zouave” character, armed with a flamethrower of course, think Guy Montag. Also I have a few bonus tokens for the coming months.

fire-zouave Excuse the quality but this was made using a scan of the Drake Field Ops Card, and they have a very heavy texture. Thanks Pete.