Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Google Sketch Up Map

I was going for an Egyptian theme this time and while the map seems playable; it’s still a little light on the detail. To achieve the levels of detail found on a genuine Tannhauser map I would need a large library of 3D objects, and a way more powerful PC.

But without further adieu here it is…

temple 4 copy

I went in a slightly different direction when it came to map objects. This map contains 10 action circles and no objectives it also features 2 sniper posts, 1 forbidden, 2 one ways, and 2 entry points.

As for the texturing and shading, the map is meant to look as if it is in the bright Egyptian sun, with dark harsh shadows.

Here’s a look at the 3D version, this is how it looks before the 2D render.

temple 3d

Well I’ll wait to see what you all think.