Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tile Map Pack Beta 0.1

This will be the initial release of the Tannhauser Tile Map Pack, I hope to get some good feedback, so I can improve on this concept.

Tannhauser Tile Map Pack

The current Map Pack consists of 22 tiles and a backing graphic. The tiles are not extremely specific, and therefore none are mutually exclusive. So, if you so desire you may use any number of the tiles repeatedly. Although, if you use more than three of the same tile the map might feel a little repetitive.

Each page of the PDF contains one tile and a brief description of the depicted room. The file is a total of 11.4 MB.

The image below is of a rough prototype in play-testing.


This prototype only includes 16 of the tiles from the pack.

It is recommended that these be printed on cardstock and glued to some picture backer board. Each tile is to be 8X8 inches when cut out. There is an included back graphic (optional) that allows you to make your tiles with matching backs, for “random draw” style play. But you could also make the tiles double sided if you wished. Be sure not to scale the graphics in any way when printing, if you use fit to page or a similar function, they will print too small.

Thanks for your interest time and any suggestions in advance, enjoy.