Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Well happy holidays folks, not much going on here, I’ve got writers block and sadly there will be no holiday token this Thanksgiving. Sorry. I’ve got Daedalus on preorder and as soon as it arrives I hope that it will be a colonic for my mind and clear this pesky block.

I’m still hoping for some feedback on the tile map beta, and my scenarios; that would go a long way in helping to create new material.

Ps Netflix is really cool. We just got our internet installed at the new house so updates will come more regularly after I am one again inspired.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen.

Some German Tannhäuser fans have set up a new forum for German speaking players. It only has a few members, so if you speak German, you may want to join and contribute.


Translated by Google…

Einige deutsche Fans Tannhäuser haben ein neues Forum für deutschsprachige Spieler gesetzt. Es hat nur wenige Mitglieder, also wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen, können Sie teilnehmen möchten und dazu beitragen.

I haven’t spoke German in many years, so I hope this all makes sense.