Friday, December 31, 2010

Hoax Content

I just received my Hoax Figure Pack, and was very pleased to find it includes a sheet of bonus tokens. Including: John MacNeal’s Winter Pack (now just called a bonus character pack, also “Let’s Go Follow Me” has been replaced with “Moving Target”), The Glyph of Enoch (formerly the “Glyph of Dee”), The Curse of Ozo, the Weapons Cache (formerly the “Arsenal of Constantinople”), and two MP 40s, a trench gun and a Sten MkII crate tokens.

Here’s a picture of it all…

Sorry for the quality…


Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Bonus Token

Happy New Year to all for 2011.

Amnizine Gas

amnazineneutral back







“May alud acquaintances be forgot…”

The Amnizine 2011 gas in this grenade causes temporary amnesia and extreme paranoia.

Smoke Grenade – This item follows most rules for Smoke Grenades, except: That it effects the characters on the path and not the path itself.

Any character standing on the targeted path when the grenade detonates will be effected for three turns. While a character is effected by the Amnizine Gas they will be controlled by the opposing player.

When thrown place three objective tokens (or other convenient markers) on the character cards of each character on the targeted path. In each “refresh tokens” step: remove one of these tokens from each card. This way the effects will last the appropriate duration.

Ok, I hope that makes sense, I tried to uses as many of the original phases from the revised Smoke Grenade rules as possible.


Here is a PDF file with the 2010 token collection.

2010 Bonus Token Collection

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Untotetruppen Fiction and Rule-sheet Draft

First for today is a bit of fiction about the creation of the Reich’s Undead-troops, the dread Untotetruppen. At the bottom is the draft of the rules and tokens for this Tannhauser custom based on the previously shown Oni Virus Zombies from AT 43.


It was in 1941 that Reichdoktor Hoss Harbinger had decided to pursue the work of Viktor Frankenstein. However, his initial search proved futile – it appeared that all of Frankenstein’s research had died with him in the 1790s. Still, fixated on the idea, the Reichdoktor organized an expedition to secretly scour the world for any remains of Frankenstein’s work. These men would travel from the burned ruins of a manor in Geneva to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Sea; all along finding scraps of information and rumors to lead them to the next clue.

Eventually, in 1944, they returned with enough information to point the doctors of the Eisendivision in the right direction, and established the Untotetruppen Project. Drawing on the works of Paracelsus, Albertus, and Agrippa, just as Frankenstein himself had done, they were able to make real progress. In the summer of 1945, they were able to reanimate a frog, and soon they would be close to doing the same with a fallen soldier.

Finally, in the fall of 1946 just outside the city of Dresden, the doctors and researchers set to work on the final phase of the Untotetruppen Project. They had overcome the power constraints that had held back the project, and discovered a suitable synthetic replacement for amniotic fluid. They began their work of reanimating a human by first executing a prisoner, hoping that a recently killed individual would prove easier for a first attempt. The lights dimmed as the influence machines whirred to life, and the transformers hummed as the capacitance built up in the storage unit. The sound of Union bombers could be heard overhead, and even as the nearby city was being reduced to dust, the doctors continued with their grim work. The body was placed in the reanimation chamber, which was filled with a viscous oxygen-bearing fluid. As the gauges indicated just the precise charge, the system was triggered, dumping the mass of energy into the chamber, beginning the chain reaction to restore life to the dead. There was a fury of light and sound, and then nothing, only the distant rumble of the bombs could be heard.

The chamber was carefully and slowly opened. The beast they had created slumped to the floor, and a gasp broke from its grotesque lips. A shout from one of the workers could be heard “Es ist am Leben!” The project was a success, and as the beast began to rise from the floor its head exploded in a bloody mist, the prisoner’s execution had once again been carried out. Word was sent to Harbinger of the project’s progress, and he instructed the researchers to begin work on the next phase of the project: reanimating a soldier from the battlefield so that he could once again serve the Reich in glorious battle. In the morning after the bombs had stopped falling, the scientists, doctors, and lab assistants packed all of the necessary equipment and evacuated Dresden. The project would soon find a new home in Hungry…

rulesheet copy

Hope you all enjoyed that, special thanks to Rhydderch for suggestions and some proofing.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rebasing and Untotetruppen


I’ve been working on rebasing all my AT 43 figures; I found that Michael’s craft stores sells 1 inch (25.4mm) wood circles, they’re only slightly smaller than the actual Tannhauser bases which are about 26-27mm. They are negligibly thicker (I can barely tell it). The ones I bought were made by Lara’s Crafts (item 10045) and cost $1.19 for a pack of seven (making them 17 cents each). I just painted them black with a Sharpie and glued the figs with Maxi-Cure brand, extra thick, plastic and hardwood cyanoacrylate.

And here’s the results…


AT 43 Oni Virus Zombie Detonator Unit Box rebased and ready for Tannhauser. Rule sets and character cards will follow later; these will be the Untotetruppen (undead troops).

Here are the Red Blok figs for my Olga Valecheve character and the Phantom Division squad.


I took the pictures quickly so they’re not great, but I hope they give you an idea how the bases look.

Edit Monday the 27th…

Here is another picture from a better angle, taken on the Tesla board, there are some original Tannhauser figures for comparison.


As always, a larger view is available by clicking on the picture.

Personally I like the new bases so much I’m tempted to rebase the Tannhauser original figures too. : ) … But I probably won’t.

Update Dec. 31st…

I just got back from the Hobby Lobby and picked up their store brand 1” birch circles, they are closer in size and thickness to the Tannhauser bases, and they come 12 per pack for $1.47.

Check this link to order on line: 1" Birch Circles.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart Token


Wedded Bliss


You may only play this token on your Wedding Anniversary.

Ability – At the end of the game no matter what happens, as long as your wife, husband, or partner is by your side, you win.

Happy Anniversary honey!

This counts as your card : )

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Bonus Token

Well my furnace is back on line, so…

Here is a rather quickly done Christmas Token, but I kind of like it. I created this at my wife’s request.

Silent Night, Stille Nacht.

silent nightneutral back

An unnatural hush fell over the battle field, all the guns were silent, the bombs ceased to fall from the sky…

You may only use this token on December 24th or 25th.

Ability – Once per game you may discard this token, and then no character in the game may use a firearm of any kind, nor may they use hand grenades or other “explosive” hardware.

This effect lasts two complete Game Turns.

This token follows all normal Bonus Token rules on Page 81 of the Revised Rules of Play.

I’m sorry for the delay and the quick and dirty graphics, remember to print these out at approximately one and a quarter inches.

I’ll post a PDF later if I can find the time.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Token Sheet PDFs for the Phantom Division

Here is the final piece of the Phantom Division puzzle, the token sets. I’m hoping that some of you will take the opportunity to print all this out and do some play testing, so of the abilities are a little rough and some outside input would be helpful.

Here are the links for the PDFs on Google Docs.


Also here are the links to the previous articles containing all the other necessary components for the Phantom Division.



Again the token sheets may look blurry but should print out fine, please let me know if they don’t and I’ll see if I can resolve the issue.

If there are any changes I’ll let you know.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phantom Division Rule Sheets

I’ve been working on rule sheets for each of the new characters I’m making to create a complete Phantom Division Squad. The entire squad will be faction loyal Matriarchy so you will be able to mix these guys into other units. Now, the following rule sheets are 3rd Drafts and still subject to change, if anyone spots any mistakes please let me know by leaving a comment. I’m aware the grey on the special item boxes is a little too light, and I’ll fix that if I do another version of these. Also, I only have a good picture of Vlad, I used a blurry pic of the fig for Boris, but I didn’t worry about character pics for the the Troopers.

Here we go…





Tuesday, December 14, 2010

About the Author

Some people have been asking exactly just who is Miah999?

So, I’ve posted a little bio with some pictures, it’s all after the jump.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Olga Valecheve Updated

Thanks to Rhydderch from the FFG Tannhauser forums, I looked in to getting a scan of the At 43 character art for Sgt. Anastasiya Tymofiyeva from the Red Blok army book, now with that in hand along with just about every other piece of art produced for AT 43 I’ve complete the first draft of the character with tokens, stats, and bio. Doc Savage helped out on the text, and with the color on the rule sheet.

First the new character card in JPG format…

novgorod card olga

You’ll need to print this at 5.5 by 5.5 inches and mount it on some card board. I’ll be posing the back image at a later date.

Next the two page rule sheet also in JPG, I may post a PDF later.

olga page one copyolga page two copy

As always click on the pic to get a full size version (remember they’re really big). These are formatted for 8.5 by 11 inches (full bleed).

Finally the token sheet, I’ll be posting this in PDF simply because it maintains the token size better. Click on the image below and it will take you to the PDF on Google Docs.

Microsoft Word - olga token sheet.docx10

There is a chance the PDF may not look as good on the screen as it prints, as it is optimized for printing and not viewing.

Well there you go my first full character conversion for AT 43 minis.

I hope that you all enjoy, and please tell me if you find a mistake.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Phantom Division


After I’m finished with Sgt. Valecheve, my next project will be the Phantom Division, of all the Tannhauser Matriarchy characters Major Volkov is my favorite. Also I hate Voivodes, stupid little evil Faberge Eggs, that die if a Stoss stares at ‘em mean. So I’m turning my attention to the true pride of Mother Russia, the peasant conscripts that live long enough to join the proud ranks of the Phantom Division.

phantom div

The figures from left to right:

Soldaty Trooper: converted from the AT 43 RPG Soldaty Attach. Box.

Boris Kruschev Hero: also from the AT 43 RPG Soldaty Attach. Box.

Major Gorgi Volkov: The Original Tannhauser Expansion Figure.

Captain Vlad Markov: from the AT 43 Captain Vrachov Hero Box.

Strelsky Trooper: also from the AT 43 RPG Soldaty Attach. Box.

These guys will have a much easier time wasting Reich demons and Union foot-soldiers. Between them there’s enough fire power to topple a small eastern European government.

… and in the back a tank, why? Because tanks are cool.

Below are the character sheets for the four AT 43 figs to make a complete Phantom Division Squad.

First Boris, the heavy weapons specialist, he’s not bright but you don’t need to be when you’re a human tank.

boris cc

Next Captain Vladimir “Vlad” Markov, a former doctor conscripted in to the Matriarchy's armies.


Next the Strelsky trooper, he carries a wide variety of kit for every occasion.


Finally the Soldaty trooper, (note his stats are the same as the one above for time and balance, but his equipment will be different) a standard foot soldier.


Ok this is a pretty massive update. Hope you all enjoy.

Click on the pics to get a full size view.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preview AT 43 conversion

I recently picked up some AT 43 figs really cheap. So I’ll be doing several conversions for Tannhauser over the coming weeks. Also, I’m collaborating with Doc Savage on a couple of characters for his BPRD faction. So, it looks like I’ll have something to do this winter as my exile as a stay at home dad continues.

And here my first character conversion, based on the Sgt. Anastasiya Tymofiyeva Hero Box for AT 43.

novgorod card olga

Olga Valecheve, an alcoholic tank commander, who fights as hard as she drinks.

“When you drive tank all traffic law is negotiable.” Olga- to a Moscow traffic cop, after she backed over a squad car with a KV-II she “borrowed”.

Tokens and rules will follow later.