Tuesday, December 14, 2010

About the Author

Some people have been asking exactly just who is Miah999?

So, I’ve posted a little bio with some pictures, it’s all after the jump.

This is me schock, and this is the face behind the mask P1000601 and this my wife Mary Ann my zombie daughter Morrighan MarieP1000863.

We all live here in Huntington West Virginia, a land far from the prying eyes of the Government, the Christian Science Monitor, or TMZ.image

In fact I was born here, and have spent 90% of my life no more than 50 miles from here. However, I grew up in Point Pleasant (it’s next to Gallipolis on the map) Point as it is called is the home of this thing the Mothman, some of you probably seen the movie with Richard Gere .

I went to college here in Huntington at Marshall University, you may have also seen this movie with Mathew McConaughey. It’s about the tragedy when the entire football team was killed in a plane crash, and the recovery afterwards.

I Graduated with a degree in Psychology, with minors in both History and German (not German History as so many people mistakenly believe). While I was there I spent three years working for Computing Services as a helpdesk guy. Mostly I taught people how to make their Word documents look like they knew what they were doing. After college I got a job at a local career college teaching… You guessed it MS Word, and not anything to do with Psychology. In fact the only job I’ve had in my field was changing adult diapers in a group home; for some very nice Autistic adults. The only bad part of that job was the diapers really.

I’ve spent most of my working life unemployed trying to get in to one dangerous line of work or another, but unfortunately my health ended my military career before it began. It also ended my work in law enforcement after about a year.

Well that brings us up to now where I’m a stay at home dad for the zombie from above. It not easy trying to raise a daughter that wants to eat you.

So to recap,I’m a stay at home dad, I have a wife, a daughter, and this is my little friend!P1000880

Can you believe that thing is legal here? West Virginia is awesome!