Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Bonus Token

Happy New Year to all for 2011.

Amnizine Gas

amnazineneutral back







“May alud acquaintances be forgot…”

The Amnizine 2011 gas in this grenade causes temporary amnesia and extreme paranoia.

Smoke Grenade – This item follows most rules for Smoke Grenades, except: That it effects the characters on the path and not the path itself.

Any character standing on the targeted path when the grenade detonates will be effected for three turns. While a character is effected by the Amnizine Gas they will be controlled by the opposing player.

When thrown place three objective tokens (or other convenient markers) on the character cards of each character on the targeted path. In each “refresh tokens” step: remove one of these tokens from each card. This way the effects will last the appropriate duration.

Ok, I hope that makes sense, I tried to uses as many of the original phases from the revised Smoke Grenade rules as possible.


Here is a PDF file with the 2010 token collection.

2010 Bonus Token Collection