Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Phantom Division


After I’m finished with Sgt. Valecheve, my next project will be the Phantom Division, of all the Tannhauser Matriarchy characters Major Volkov is my favorite. Also I hate Voivodes, stupid little evil Faberge Eggs, that die if a Stoss stares at ‘em mean. So I’m turning my attention to the true pride of Mother Russia, the peasant conscripts that live long enough to join the proud ranks of the Phantom Division.

phantom div

The figures from left to right:

Soldaty Trooper: converted from the AT 43 RPG Soldaty Attach. Box.

Boris Kruschev Hero: also from the AT 43 RPG Soldaty Attach. Box.

Major Gorgi Volkov: The Original Tannhauser Expansion Figure.

Captain Vlad Markov: from the AT 43 Captain Vrachov Hero Box.

Strelsky Trooper: also from the AT 43 RPG Soldaty Attach. Box.

These guys will have a much easier time wasting Reich demons and Union foot-soldiers. Between them there’s enough fire power to topple a small eastern European government.

… and in the back a tank, why? Because tanks are cool.

Below are the character sheets for the four AT 43 figs to make a complete Phantom Division Squad.

First Boris, the heavy weapons specialist, he’s not bright but you don’t need to be when you’re a human tank.

boris cc

Next Captain Vladimir “Vlad” Markov, a former doctor conscripted in to the Matriarchy's armies.


Next the Strelsky trooper, he carries a wide variety of kit for every occasion.


Finally the Soldaty trooper, (note his stats are the same as the one above for time and balance, but his equipment will be different) a standard foot soldier.


Ok this is a pretty massive update. Hope you all enjoy.

Click on the pics to get a full size view.