Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preview AT 43 conversion

I recently picked up some AT 43 figs really cheap. So I’ll be doing several conversions for Tannhauser over the coming weeks. Also, I’m collaborating with Doc Savage on a couple of characters for his BPRD faction. So, it looks like I’ll have something to do this winter as my exile as a stay at home dad continues.

And here my first character conversion, based on the Sgt. Anastasiya Tymofiyeva Hero Box for AT 43.

novgorod card olga

Olga Valecheve, an alcoholic tank commander, who fights as hard as she drinks.

“When you drive tank all traffic law is negotiable.” Olga- to a Moscow traffic cop, after she backed over a squad car with a KV-II she “borrowed”.

Tokens and rules will follow later.