Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rebasing and Untotetruppen


I’ve been working on rebasing all my AT 43 figures; I found that Michael’s craft stores sells 1 inch (25.4mm) wood circles, they’re only slightly smaller than the actual Tannhauser bases which are about 26-27mm. They are negligibly thicker (I can barely tell it). The ones I bought were made by Lara’s Crafts (item 10045) and cost $1.19 for a pack of seven (making them 17 cents each). I just painted them black with a Sharpie and glued the figs with Maxi-Cure brand, extra thick, plastic and hardwood cyanoacrylate.

And here’s the results…


AT 43 Oni Virus Zombie Detonator Unit Box rebased and ready for Tannhauser. Rule sets and character cards will follow later; these will be the Untotetruppen (undead troops).

Here are the Red Blok figs for my Olga Valecheve character and the Phantom Division squad.


I took the pictures quickly so they’re not great, but I hope they give you an idea how the bases look.

Edit Monday the 27th…

Here is another picture from a better angle, taken on the Tesla board, there are some original Tannhauser figures for comparison.


As always, a larger view is available by clicking on the picture.

Personally I like the new bases so much I’m tempted to rebase the Tannhauser original figures too. : ) … But I probably won’t.

Update Dec. 31st…

I just got back from the Hobby Lobby and picked up their store brand 1” birch circles, they are closer in size and thickness to the Tannhauser bases, and they come 12 per pack for $1.47.

Check this link to order on line: 1" Birch Circles.