Friday, December 30, 2011

My Personal Favorite Posts of All Time

The other day I post the The Top 10 posts as determined by page views, but today here are my personal favorite posts. Now this is a little self serving, but I really think these posts deserve a few more page views.

5: The Mercenaries Complete

4: Questions and Answers

3: FFG Summer Campaign Revised Ed.

2: Beware the Cavetroll.

1: Dropping the Hammer: 6 Tannhauser Scenarios

Well that will wrap up this year, but I’ll see you in 2012 beginning with the first Artifact from the Warehouse.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Top 10

Here are the most viewed posts for the past year, I have to admit some are a bit of a surprise to me.

The Top 10 Posts:

1: Tannhauser for Beginners, Jan 12, 2011, 4 comments, 992 Page views.

2: Rampant Speculation and Failed Intelligence, Feb 8, 2011, 3 comments, 674 Page views.

3: Fortress America, causes quite a stir., Dec 17, 2011, 17 comments, 591 Page views.

4: Tannhauser for Beginners, Day Two…, Jan 13, 2011, 5 comments, 536 Page views.

5: Oksana and Asteros Arrive…, Feb 10, 2011, 3 comments, 367 Page views.

6: Fan Submission: Tannhauser Online, Oct 24, 2011, 4 comments, 292 Page views.

7: And Then There Were Four, May 19, 2011, 3 comments, 218 Page views.

8: Tannhauser in Book Form…, Aug 11, 2011, 209 Page views.

9; Hoax Content, Dec 31, 2010, 4 comments, 203 Page views.

10: The Shogunate, May 18, 2011, 2 comments, 199 Page views.

What was your favorite post of the last year? Let me know and maybe I can do more like it.

New Years Resolution

Crush my enemies…

See them driven before me…

And hear the lamentations of their women.


So what’s your resolution for 2012?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preview: The U-Chronic History of Warehouse 13

The Artifacts

Put simply, an Artifact is an inanimate object that has become “imbued” with the psionic energy of either its owner or in some rare cases it may be of the multitudes lost in a disaster. The effects of an artifact are quite varied, and though some can be quite innocuous most are far too dangerous to allow for public knowledge. Centuries ago it was decided by a group known as the Regents that these artifacts should be gathered in to one place to keep both them and the public safe. However, this has not always been the logic behind the Warehouses. Many of the artifacts represent great power that world conquerors have often sought; this reason was the very purpose for which the first Warehouse was established by Alexander the Great.

The Warehouse

Construction for Warehouse 13 began in 1896, with the Warehouse officially “opening” in 1914. It was constructed in a remote part of the Union’s state of South Dakota, and designed by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla (before he left for the Matriarchy), and M. C. Escher. As the name suggests, there have been 12 incarnations prior to the current one in South Dakota. The oldest is Warehouse 1, which was run by Alexander the Great. Warehouse 2 was known as the Library of Alexandria, Warehouse 7 was within the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan, and Warehouse 9 was in Constantinople and was the inspiration for the stories of Ali Baba. Warehouse 11 was within the Matriarchy, but with the threat of capture by Napoleon, the Regents who maintain the Warehouses’ collection saw fit to secretly move it, establishing a new Warehouse. Warehouse 12 was established in the United Kingdom during the mid 1800s, and remained safe only for a short time. In the late 1880s, with the world’s political stability in question; the Regents were approached by the Society of The Golden Globe, with a plan to make the largest move the Warehouse had made in centuries. Throughout the first decade and a half of the 20th century, artifacts were loaded on to any ship headed from the UK to the Union in America; both passenger vessels and cargo ships carried the vast collection to the New World. However, these journeys were not without risk. In 1912 for instance, the Titanic sank carrying many artifacts including the prized Rubiyat. For now Warehouse 13 is safe from the powers of the Reich and Shogunate, but it is still unclear how long the Union will be able to protect it, even their Matriarchy “allies” would like to see its collection return to their land.

The Warehouse Agents

The Warehouse can only house those artifacts that are known about, and have been obtained by the Warehouse Agents. Aside from obtaining known artifacts, the agents are also responsible for discovering new artifacts. The current hierarchy within Warehouse 13 is quite simple, with field agents of the same rank operating in teams of two; to locate and obtain both new and lost artifacts. These teams are under the direct command of the Chief Agent, who is in turn given his orders by the Warehouse Caretaker Mrs. Frederic. Mrs. Frederic is under the direct supervision of the Regents who work to maintain the Warehouse’s safety and security.

13 nutral back copy

There will be much more coming throughout 2012…

Monday, December 19, 2011

We Now Resume Our Regular Scheduled Programing: Crate Odds

Recently we covered the differences found in Tannhauser Crate Tokens, and it was suggested that you could just draw an Equipment Card to determine what a character found in a crate.

However, there are two flaws with this method, and any method that does not employ the actual tokens to determine what was found. First, the crates contain both equipment, and Command Points, the cards do not. Second, the cards have one card per crate item, and this does not accurately represent the odds of drawing any given item from a crate; this problem is also caused when trying to use dice to determine what is found in a crate.

There is a whole lot of numbers after the jump…

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fortress America, causes quite a stir.

Most FFG announcements get very little in the way of public response,k but today the gaming community as a whole has disappointed me. The fluff text for the announcement of the upcoming game remake for Fortress America, was somehow interpreted as being anti-American.

Friday, December 16, 2011

FFG to Release the Classic Fortress America

From FFG:

This week, Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming release of Fortress America, a board game of strategy and survival for two to four players. This updated version of the 1986 classic pits one player, in control of the beleaguered American forces, against up to three others, who team up to assault the U.S. on three fronts.



Featuring beautifully crafted components (including over 300 detailed plastic figures),Fortress America thrusts players into a frightening geopolitical scenario in which diplomacy has failed, and World War III has begun.

Fans of the 1986 Milton Bradley release will find the game’s core experience essentially unchanged, while offering welcome enhancements over the original. Want more information? Visit our detailed website, then keep checking back in the coming weeks as we unveil an in-depth series of previews.

I have to say I’m going to be looking forward to this one, and I’m hoping for a lull in Tannhauser releases so I can gather the funds for this and Risk Legacy.

Here are a few more details:

  • Convenient custom dice obviate the need to consult charts during combat.
  • A ten-turn timer gives the U.S. player an additional path to victory: outlasting the invasion.
  • A “Captured City” track lets all players see, at a quick glance, how close they are to victory or defeat.
  • A small number of cities have been removed from the map, and others added, to create a more strategically satisfying experience.
  • An entirely optional set of rules, the Invader Card Variant, adds a small deck of cards from which each Invader player can draw. These special abilities increase variety and re-playability, and further differentiates the play experiences of the three Invaders.

Here is a sample of some of the cards, as an N.R.A. member I love the one card on top.


And finally a quick look at the board.


Well all for now.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Operation: Hinansho Out Now!

My supplier already has their first batch of Operation: Hinansho expansion sets available, expect them at your store within the week.

I won’t be receiving mine any time soon however; due to financial concerns my copy won’t ship until the Matriarchy Trooper Pack is released (they’re in the same order). So, don’t expect a video review soon.

The Crate Conundrum

There has been a good bit of confusion over Tannhauser’s Crate tokens, not really because of confused rules, but because of this statement on page 4 0f the Daedalus rules.

“The Crate Tokens found in DAEDALUS replace those found in both TANNHAUSER base game and OPERATION: NOVGOROD.”

This has caused many to question whether or not the Crate Tokens from all Tannhauser expansions, can or should be mixed. But before we go any further, lets look at why FFG felt the tokens needed replaced.

Below Is a table showing the Crate Tokens and a description of how they are different.

crate 3Original FFG Tannhauser Core Set 2007 This token features large art the just barely misses the border. These tokens were also punched “front to back” making a slight curved edge on the crate side of the token.
crate 2Original T.O.Y. WOLF Expansion 2007 The Tokens included with WOLF and I presume other early production products, feature art that is slightly larger and the very tip of the top left corner is cut off by the border. These tokens are also punched in the opposite direction. This style token can also be found in the Yula expansion.
crate 1FFG Production Operation Novgorod 2008 While the previous token were very similar and were hard to tell apart from a distance, the Crates in Novgorod were a definite problem. The art here is diminutive compared to both the previous examples, and the border is approximately twice as wide. These tokens are once again punched back to front.
crate 5FFG Production Daedalus 2010 And now the replacements, aside from the direction of the punching, these tokens are virtually identical to the WOLF style tokens.
crate 4FFG Production Shogunate Troopers 2011 Finally we have a Shogunate era token, which is almost the same as the Daedalus/WOLF tokens, except the colors are a little darker.

So, that’s all the different Crates, and the crux of the issue, was all the differences in the token design could be used for cheating, not unlike marked cards, but in practice there are too many Crates to make cheating worth while. However, if your concerned, you have a few options; option one is to use the table above to simply sort you crates and only use the newer style Crates. Option two, is to use proxies, and blind draw the Crates from a bag or cup. Option three, is to just not worry about it.

Option two is my personal favorite, and you can find out more about my solution HERE.

Well I hope you find all this info helpful, and if you have an edition of any Tannhauser expansion, with a style of Crate Token not featured here, please send me a scan.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December Bonus Token

Well better late then never, right? Because of all the new stuff I sort of forgot to make a Holiday themed Bonus Token. However, I do have a token to post, hope you all enjoy.

Wild Vigilance

The Stosstruppen are much like wild animals, always ready to attack, ever vigilant, and never resting.

stoss backvigilance

Ability • While on Overwatch, if an enemy enters your path, you may move up to your full movement value in order to attack the enemy character.

Starting next year all my Bonus Tokens will be based on Artifacts form Syfy’s Warehouse 13. I hope you look forward to them.

Friday, December 9, 2011

All Videos Postponed till further notice.

I won’t be filming any videos until I get over this upper respiratory problem. Also I’m completely canceling my video on Bonus Tokens, it’s just to broad a subject to condense into a 10 minute video. I hope to replace the idea with a series on my favorite team configurations, but we’ll see. I hope to feel better by the time I receive Operation Hinansho, and the Matriarchy Troopers (hopefully next month).

That’s all for now.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Adventurers/Mercenaries Arrive

Here are a bunch of pictures to give you all a good idea of how the The Adventurers pre-painted figs compare to their Tannhauser brethren.

Check it all out after the jump…

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Video Review: Natalya

Here’s my review of Natalya, now I haven’t played her yet, but I still had a lot to cover so this video is a little longer then usual. Plus I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in this expansion.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

She’s Here!

Natalya just arrived I’ll get a video up in the next few days.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

All Pre-Orders are in

Just to let everyone know, I have Natalya, Operation: Hinansho, the Matriarchy Trooper Pack, and The Adventurers Pre-Painted Miniatures all ordered and paid for.

Estimated ship dates are as follows:

Natalya: Ship Dec. 2nd, Arrive Dec. 7-9

The Adventurers: Ship Dec. 8th, Arrive Dec. 13-15

Op. Hinansho/ Matriarchy Troops: Ship Dec. ?, Arrive Jan. ? I hope.

Video Reviews and photos will be up as soon as possible.

Pulp History… Revisited

In October I told you about a great bit of historical non-fiction call Pulp History: Shadow Knights the story of the secret SOE war against the Third Reich. Today, I bring you the first book in the set (of currently only two books) Devil Dog. Devil Dog tells the story of Major General Smedley Butler, “the man who saved America”. Major General Butler is an amazing man who won two Medals of Honor, and his story is retold here by David Talbot, and the amazing pulp art of Spain Rodriguez.

See a good bit more after the jump…

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Natalya is out.

My game distributor has Natalya available and shipping in the morning (My order will have to wait till next week). It’s hard to say when Operation: Hinansho will be out, but it should be in the next couple weeks.


In other news I just picked up a copy of Pulp History Devil Dog, and I’ll be writing a review in a couple days.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The FFG 4th Quarter Catalogue is here.

Fantasy Flight Game (FFG) publishes Tannhauser, and each year they send me the print version of their New Release catalogue.


They also sent me their Special Product catalogue, which is for their books and other non-game items. Well I mention this only because it’s good indicator of what will be released soon. Will start with the special products, the Tannhauser novel was not featured which only confirms it will be delayed till the new year.

However, Operation: Hinansho, Natayla, and the Matriarchy Troopers were featured in the new release catalogue. So we should be seeing them all before the end of the year.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Blank Hero Character Sheets

Here are blank Hero style sheets for use to create custom characters for Tannhauser. Now there is one each for Union, Reich, and Matriarchy; with transparent sections for character art. The Shogunate one does not have a “hole”, because the character art is layered over the same background on all the Shogunate sheets.

These were produced from scans and may show minor flaws. The files are 600 dpi, so they’re quite big (click for larger view). Also I left some of the affiliation stamps in place so you don’t have to add any unless you want too.

SCN_0018 copySCN_0019 copySCN_0020 copySCN_0021 copy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

It’s time here in the U.S. to give thanks for friends, family, and football.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Use Magic Set Editor to Create Tannhauser Equipment Cards

Wow that was a long title. But thanks to Warheart we can now use the Magic Set Editor to make cards for Tannhauser. You can get MSE Here, and you can get the necessary files for Tannhauser equipment cards Here.

Update: to make sure the card titles will go onto a second line if necessary you need to copy this FILE to the data/tannhauser.mse-game file of the Magic Set folder.

Custom characters and equipment just got a little easier.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tannhauser Novel delayed till New Year

According to Amazon the Tannhauser Novel: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, release date is now January 10th, it was supposed to come out yesterday.

There is still no official press release from FFG on this topic.

In other news, the Natalya expansion should be out in about a week, and Operation: Hinansho about a week or so later.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fan Submission: Tannhauser Online V2

Moebius has once again updated his Tannhauser Online, now I know this has been up on the FFG forums for a while, but I wanted to make sure everyone heard about this.

You can read more and get the links after the jump.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fan Submission: Map Updates

Moebius has been working on incorporating some of the newer rules and circle types into the older Tannhauser maps. These images were originally released by T.O.Y. the new icons are by FFG, and added by Moebius.

Updated Castle KsiazUpdated Catacombs 

Hope folks find these useful, and I will work on getting some new posts up soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Tannhauser “Mythopoeia” Website Under Construction

I was planning to complete much more of this site before announcing it to the public, but I’ve haven't been well since the end of October.

So without delay here is the link to my new site:

And now I ask for help getting it finished, I’m looking for volunteers to help cut and past the text from the Mythopoeia PDF into the site articles. If you would like to help please follow the directions below.

First I would like all volunteers to create a Gmail account using this format (username)

Then email from the account you just created. make the subject “Volunteer”. I don’t need anything but your new address.

I will add you to the editors account (might take me 48 hours so be patient), then you can go to the site while logged in to Gmail, and you should be able to create new pages and edit old ones, if needed.

Once logged in it’s pretty easy to create new pages. First download the PDF from here:

Then follow these steps. Go to the A to Z section Here.

Select the the first letter of the article you want to add.

Then click the new page button, on the create new page page, type in the article name as it appears in the Mythopoeia (don’t cut and paste it, trust me), under select a template, pick “Entry”. Then make sure the “Put page under” option is set to the section you want. Then click “create” at the top.

On the new page, just cut and paste all the info from the article in to the second text box under the page title. For now don’t paste any images, and don’t worry about editing any of the info; we just want to get the stuff pasted in.

I hope all these directions are clear, but you can email questions to the email address above, and Google has a good help section.

Also ideas and suggestions welcome, and if anyone is a web designer with experience with Google’s scripting language, I’ll be happy to hear you ideas.

Thanks to all in advanced, hope to be hearing from a bunch of you in the coming weeks.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Operation: Hinansho Rules posted.

You can see a PDF of the upcoming Operation: Hinansho Map Pack’s rules: HERE.


I’ll read over them and post a review when I’m feeling better, also I get some more videos up then.

The big changes: new Pathfinding rules, Locked Doors, “Gates” for inter-map movement, and 5 Hero, 4 Trooper squads.

Thanks for waiting…

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hooray for Veteran's Day

No major post today just a thank you to all those who have served and still serve.

yellow ribbon

I would have posted this earlier but we were at Applebee’s enjoying free food.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Penny for the Guy?

It’s Guy Fawkes Day/Night again, and what better holiday is there; it’s like Halloween, The Fourth of July, and St. John’s Day, all rolled in to one. It’s awesome. But sadly we don’t celebrate it here in America, because we still secretly hate you British oppressors, but that won’t stop me.

The Guy Fawkes Mask Version II, Bonus Token

The fifth of November, since I can remember,
Was Guy Faux, Poke him in the eye,
Shove him up the chimney-pot, and there let him die.
A stick and a stake, for King George's sake,
If you don't give me one, I'll take two,
The better for me, and the worse for you,
Ricket-a-racket your hedges shall go.

guy fawksnutral back

This seemingly ordinary Guy Fawkes mask, is imbued with the all the anger and madness of Fawkes himself. Somehow possessed, once worn it allow the wearer to psychically infuse his weapons with the enough power to blow up the House of Lords itself.

Hardware, Occult, : Once per game you may activate the mask by flipping this token face down. While active, whenever you make any roll, each Natural 10 you roll counts a 3 successes.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fan Submission: Tannhauser Online Update

Moebius has just uploaded the Version 1.0 of his Tannhauser Online, which was created and I posted in his blog Here.

The New Version can be downloaded here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Bonus Token: The Timekeeper

Spring forward, Fall back…

This gorgeous gold watch was constructed by a Swiss warlock, not just to measure time but to control it.

nutral backwatch

Hardware, Occult • Once per game, during your activation, you may flip this token face down; when you do so you must reset the board to the beginning of your activation. After doing so, you must immediately retake your activation.

Ending with a Fizzle and not a Bang

Well between my poor health, my two year old, and my old laptops death, Tannhauser month has slipped in to that good night, with nary a whimper.

But, it was far from a failure. With a record 7,541 page views, October was by far the best month the Tannhauser blog has ever had. And I would like to first thank all the readers, and especially those who sent in contributions for publication.

The November bonus token will be up this week, but other than that I’ll be taking a little more time off. Things should get back to normal in a couple weeks.

Thanks Again to Everyone.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fan Submission: Multiplayer Rules

Here is another submission from Moebius, hope you all enjoy.

After reading the forums I tried to come up for some multiplayer rules, here is my take at trying to fit 3 or 4 players in a single map, sometimes it will mean 16 characters in a map and that might be really crowded! Try them and give me your opinion!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fan Submission: #16 Custom Figure

Brian first sent us the wonderful #16 custom character, and now here’s a look at a custom built figure. This really shows of what you can do with some figs, a craft knife and some glue.


We all apologize for the picture quality, but it had to be taken with a phone, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Here’s what went in to building #16.

The clear helmet and jet pack from - HeroClix: Mr. Freeze # 23 (Experienced) - Batman Alpha.

The top hat from - Mad Hatter #046 Rookie DC Heroclix Hypertime.

The rocket hands from - Heroclix CRIMSON DYNAMO Armor Wars Rookie #070.

The main body - Juggernaut War Droid from Star Wars miniature game.

The Star Wars mini comes attached to nearly the correct base. Its just a matter of gluing the rest of the stuff to the robot. Of course a more talented modder would probably add a few more details but that was my solution.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tannhauser Month on hold.

I’m still not feeling very well, and no one has sent in any more submissions, so there will be no updates today. Sorry.

If I receive any more submissions I will post them throughout the weekend.

Write an Article for the Tannhauser Blog.

Miah999’s Tannhauser Blog is taking submissions for articles to be published between October 24th and the 28th.

Submission guidelines:

You may submit a custom character, scenario, book or movie review, bonus tokens or character packs, or a gameplay and tactics article.

Submission text must be in RTF format, and images must be in Jpeg or PNG format.

Email your submission to: your email plus attachments must not exceed 9MB.

Be sure to include your byline or name under which you wish to be credited.

Submissions must be “PG” rated, no profanity, strong sexual content, or over the top violence.

Submissions will be reviewed before posting, but not 100% proofread, so make sure you judicially edit you work.

Enjoy Tannhauser month, and be a part of the Tannhauser Blog.

This post will remain at the top of the blog till the 28th, so be sure to scroll down for new articles.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not feeling well today.

I’ve not been doing well the last couple days, so I don’t have any new content prepared. Sorry.

Fan Submission: Custom Campaign Mode

Here is another submission from Moebius U-Chronic.

This is my first approach to campaign rules for Tannhauser, I have previously played a game called blood-bowl and what I loved most about it were the fact that after each game the teams could go up or down, (Improving or having to lick their wounds).

This is not a whole campaign, the argument, maps and scenarios are still missing, these are just the background rules you need to have that "after game" effect and make things happen from mission to mission.

This campaign rules are meant to be as simple as possible and are tuned for short campaigns (5-10 Games per faction) for up to 4 players, I have not play-tested them, and I welcome feedback.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Real History: The Copiale Cipher

The New York Times is reporting that the Copiale Cipher has been decoded, and contains German text that focuses on the rituals of an 18th century cult, that was apparently preoccupied with eye surgery. Yep, you heard me Tannhauser fans there was a German cult that was obsessed with ophthalmology.

The Copiale Cipher was originally discovered in East Berlin after World War II. The cipher consists about 90 characters including 26 from the Roman alphabet we all know.

You can read more about this discovery here.

And learn more about the Copiale Cipher here.

The Mercenaries Complete

Here are all the links for “The Mercenaries”.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Part IX

Part X

Fan Submission: Adventurers Conversion Part X

This is the final character in “The Mercenaries” custom faction. I did not create this character instead it’s from my Wife.

Meet Orihime Kuchiki, a former oiran (prostitute) who was once the daughter of a powerful Daimyo.

hero 6

She was betrothed to a rival lords son at a young age in order to bring peace between the two families. However, her husband was a fool and a gambler, and soon his family’s fortune was squandered. He sold Orihime to a oiran house in order to satisfy his debts, the money she earned would pay for his folly. But she was the proud only child of a powerful samurai, and would not take this treatment. She used her skills to escape, and left her husband to fend for himself. Leaving her marriage was meant she could not return home, nor could she bring her dishonor to her father’s house…

Here is her cards and tokens.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Adventurers Conversion Part IX

Here are the rules for the second trooper. For him I wanted a character that had a Union-ish feel, so he’s got a big gun, and some hardware. But I also wanted a “carry all” character. So, he always begins the game with an empty inventory slot, and his command pack allows him to “stack” crate tokens.


Well were almost done, I’ll be posting a little more Adventurers stuff this week.

Fan Submission: Union Stratagems

Meister H. brings us a collection of tips for Union play, and even a few hints for the villains among you…

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fan Submission: Tannhauser Online

Here is an awesome submission from Mobius U-Chronic…

I have been playing Tannhauser for a while and also came across the difficulty to play Tannhauser with someone over a distance. I have seen some of the trials done by people like Miah but decided to give it my own try on a different direction.

I have done so using a well known software often used for pen and paper role playing over the internet called "Fantasy Grounds 2", together with a voice program like Skype.

Fan Submission: #16

To kick off our submission series, Brian Schomburg, brings us an unique custom character, you just have to see it to believe it…

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Old version rules I kind of miss…

In 2009 when the Revised Rules were announced, I was very excited because I thought there were a lot of problems with the old rules. I didn’t think they were broken like a lot of folks but I thought they could stand some improvement. One rule I was happy to see disappear was the minimum range requirements, because their just illogical, a gun becomes more accurate and deadly the closer you get, and not vice versa. However, there were some rules I was sad to see gone.

See what they were after the jump…

CharCon was disappointing…

CharCon our local gaming convention, was a real disappointment, but not because of it’s size, or anything the fine folks who put CharCon together did. But because there was no Tannhauser at all, not even on the vendors shelves. The con like most small town cons was dominated by Games Workshop, Warhammer this, and 40K that, but FFG products were there in full force, just not Tannhauser. There were tons of Blood Bowl: Team Manager boxes, Horus Heresy, Warhammer: Fantasy Roleplay, etc….

Wait a sec, those are all basically Games Workshop too…


So, was there anything not GW, well yes, there was Arkham Horror, and a lot of other tabletop mini games on the vendor tables. There was Pathfinder, some people were playing that really complex WWI airplane game, and there was a lot of board games to play, just not a lot of people playing them. There was a lot of other stuff too, and if I had an interest in any of it maybe I would have had a better time.

I can’t understand why no one plays Tann, at first I thought maybe the old edition had turned them away, or they read a bad review, but the truth is nobody knows what it is. The really sad thing, is I can’t set up a Tannhauser demo table, I just don’t have the time, and since no one else there even knows what Tannhauser is, I don’t see it ever happening.

What could we do? What can FFG do? We can’t let this fade away. We can’t let this die.

Did I mention there was no Dust Tactics either… I hate GW.

New Laptop…

At 11:30am Friday, my Dell Inspiron 5120 took its final breath here on this mortal coil, and has gone to a better place. R.I.P. 5120.

But, today an HP DV6, which I can't afford, but have to have, has arrived to fill the void left in our hearts by our 5120's passing, and we welcome it in to our lives and our home.

But now I need your submissions more than ever, because the only data lost was all the pre-written blog posts readied for the end of Tannhauser Month, so remember to send them in to

Friday, October 21, 2011

Laptop Dead...

The Adventures Conversion Part VIII

Here are the equipment cards and tokens for the Legionnaire Trooper posted earlier this month.


With this guy I wanted to combine the melee skill of a Stosstruppen, with the overwatch/automatic weapon of a Schocktruppen. So while his Combat and Stamina packs are identical, and give him very good melee attack abilities. His Command pack grants him free overwatch, Mad Minute and a MP40. And just to be contrary I’ve thrown in the Union trooper’s Keep Moving to get him in to action a little faster.

Hope you like him, and you can find all of the Adventurers conversions so far HERE.

Video Review: Oksana

Well all good things come to an end and this is the last video in this series. I will be doing reviews of the ne releases as they come out, but as you all know that can be awhile.


Hope you all have enjoyed all the videos so far.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video Review: Ramirez

Here’s the video review of Ramirez, this video series is almost over, what do want to see next?

Comments welcome.

The Adventurers Conversion Part VI

Here is the third hero in The Mercenaries, a somewhat mad Egyptologist…

martirosStavros Martiros (the martyer’s cross) was born a Copt, but he believes himself to be a descendant of Imhotep himself. His strange proclivities have led him to be obsessed with the Egyptian occult, and his PHDs were earned only to further his search for the Pharaohs’ ancient magics. Eccentric, certainly; mad, maybe; but Zyl has found his ancient knowledge invaluable, and would never trifle with the occult without Stavros’ support.

Stavros is designed as a support character, who has very little direct attack ability, but his powerful magic, should rival anything the Reich can throw out.


Delays, Delays…

Today’s video will be delayed till this afternoon, sorry.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take a look at a custom printed map.

Here is my adaptation of the CaveTroll map, printed out in all it’s glory.


A friend printed it for free, it is 26x26 inches so it’s a little smaller than a regulation map, but still pretty playable.Check out the downloadable here. There are some blurry bits, but it’s to be expected when scaling these graphics up so much. Enjoy.

Quick Token Video How To

Here is a real quick how to, on how to use the token blanks I posted today.

I had to just film this of my 32” monitor as I don’t have any way to do high quality video capture with live audio.

As always comments and questions welcome.

The Adventurers Conversion Part V

Here is my first completed member of the “The Mercenaries”. I have actually completed the second in command Albert Xastre-Smicht first, because I Have all the art already (from another character I never finished).

hero smicht

rules and card smicht

Now Albert is a very unique character concept; he has no hand to hand skill, and one of his tokens penalizes him for allowing him self to be engaged in melee combat. He’s a ranged combat only character with a unique skill set, and relatively high first row stats.

Blank Tokens

Here are the token blanks I use most often, now they’re old scans and not the best quality, but keep in mind they print out pretty small (30mm or 1.18 inches).

See them after the jump…

Blank Equipment Cards!

For everyone out there working on customs, I bring you blank Equipment Cards (all the graphic are after the jump). I based these on scans, and some images of the cards culled from the web, after much Photo Shopping they are here and complete.

See how to use them after the jump…

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just who is Tannhauser?

Tannhauser is not a name just made up for a game, it’s much older than that, and just who and what Tannhauser is, is a strange tale of myth, history, and opera.

Edify yourself after the jump…

A Case of the Mondays…

I’m not feeling well lately, so I don’t have any prerecorded videos to post this week. As soon as I’m feeling better, and I have my voice back, I’ll get the Hoax and Ramirez videos done. That will be last of the video reviews. I’ve had some requests for some tactics videos, and I’m going to start screen-tests in a day or two.

I’m still planning some articles, so the blog will not be completely devoid of content.

And don’t forget to send in those submissions.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Adventurers: Conversion Part IV

Here comes the second trooper for my mercenary idea, these guys are former French Foreign Legion. When French fell to the Reich the Foreign Legions were left to fend for themselves, some joined the Union’s fight to stop the Reich, some followed the collaborationist French government out of a skewed sense of loyalty, while others left the legions and be came mercenaries.

legionnair trooper

Now that I have this many characters, I can suggest a play style I call, Mercenaries and Client. The basic rules are that you may not field a team comprised solely of mercenaries. Your team must contain of at least one regular Faction Hero, this is the Client for which the rest of the mercenaries work.

Well that’s all for now, what do you think?

A little bit on custom Tannhauser figures…

It’s been suggested that I do an article on what sort of figures to use as the basis for a custom Tannhauser figure, but this is a very expansive topic, and I haven’t personally used many of the available figures out there. Therefore I don’t feel able to comment on this topic in a more generalized style.

So after the jump are the figures I’ve used and a bit about how to choose a figure.

Tannhauser: Field Ops, The Card Game that Never Was

Tannhauser: Field Ops was the Tannhauser card game developed by T.O.Y. and published exclusively in France in 2008. So, If its developed and published, why do I call it never was.

Well find out after the jump.

Movie Review: The Keep

I’ve been told on several occasions I need to see this movie, and that all Tannhauser fans should see it, but is that true…

Well I watched it last night, so, find out after the jump…

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It Doesn’t Matter How Old They Are…

A while back I post the ages of some of the world leaders of Tannhauser, but how about everyone else.

Check it out after the jump…

Video: Union vs. Shogunate, Capture the Flag

We filmed this as a test but have decided to post it just for fun.

Game details:

The Union (my wife) vs. The Shogunate (Miah999)

Map: The Tesla Priory

Game mode: Capture the Flag

All the videos and a little more after the jump…

Friday, October 14, 2011

Video Review: Mizu

Today is the last video for this week, and we going out with a whisper.

Don’t forget comments welcome, and the weekend is on the way.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Irina’s Spiritual Guide Tokens

Here are my revised rules edition Spiritual Guide token set, these were originally released by Ravage Magazine in France, for Tannhauser first edition.

See more after the jump…

Video Review: Itami

Today’s video brings us the coolest of the Shogunate releases Itami, the half man, half oni.

Update: I miss interpreted the rules for the FR29 Grenade at the end of the video so just ignore what I’m saying, but you can clearly read them for yourself.

As always comments welcome..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Other Great Tannhauser Web Sites.

There are a lot of folks out there working on making the U-Chronic Universe better, yesterday I mentioned a few, but here is a list of links you may also enjoy.

The FFG Tannhauser Forum: If you don’t already know this is the official English language forum for Tannhauser, there are also links to FFG’s Tannhauser mini site.

Teumessa Blog: This is Rhydderch’s blog, and while he may not post often when he does it is defiantly worth a look.

Savage Tales: This is Doc Savage’s blog and he posts Tannhauser news and customs almost every Tuesday, he also post book reviews, game reviews, and other pulp culture related articles.

Black Sheep Archives: I mentioned this French language site yesterday, it is a great resource for all thing Tannhauser and is expertly curated by Plageman.

Board Game Geek: The Geek as it’s known has pages for each of Tannhauser’s expansions, each with a forum, file, and image submission system.

Tannbunker: This is the somewhat dead American fan forum for Tannhauser, but you can still find some useful info there.

If you know of another great site be sure to leave a comment below.

Other custom contributions to Tannhauser

I’m not the only one with a passion for Tannhauser there are many others out there. From Ravage magazine who has had a long history of supporting Tannhauser going all the way back to 2006 when they introduced us to WOLF in their December issue (#38). To the French fan community, that despite loosing Tannhauser to America is still very active.

Check out some other fine examples after the jump.

Video Review: Gorgei

Today’s video is a quick review of Gorgei, the Matriarchy’s faction loyal mercenary.

Remember comments and questions welcome.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Video Review: WOLF

WOLF the original mercenary, this is a figure that while he’s been “available” since 2007, I was only able to get him this year. So here is my slightly rambling review of WOLF. Sorry for the delay but I had a lot to do, and post today.

Well I really hope you all have been enjoying this video series, comments are always welcome.

Update: In the above video I mentioned that “all expansion characters include Challenge Tokens”, but upon further examination, none of the new Shogunate figures have included challenges.

A Little More on Ravage’s Killgore

I reported a while ago that Ravage Magazine, was bringing their mascot to the world of Tannhasuer, well as promised here is an image of the green still incomplete though. I find it interesting that it looks like they’ve really tried to stick to how Killgore looks, instead of doing a more “weird war 1/2” version of the character, but I guess they want to keep him recognizable.


For more on this story, check out this post: Ravage's Sgt. Killgore in Tannhauser.

Update, someone has given me this but the did say if it was fan created or by Ravage. Looking at I’d have to say fan created, but nice nonetheless.


Pulp History…

The Pulp History books are published by Simon and Schuster and bring a unique view to history. I recently picked up a copy of Pulp History: Shadow Knights, which tells the stories of a few secret operatives and resistance fighters, working throughout Europe to make the Nazi’s jobs as hard as possible.

Would you like to know more?

Custom Character Sheets…

I’ve had a few requests for the custom Character Sheets I use for my custom Tannhauser characters, but I use very complex files that would not be particularly useful to armatures or even to most Photo Shop pros. So I’ve created a new character sheet geared towards ease of use.

See more after the jump…

Monday, October 10, 2011

Video Review: Yula

Hey! Were kicking off the second week of Tannhauser month with a video review of the now somewhat rare and out-of-print Yula Korlitz expansion figure for Tannhauser.

Video Review: Yula

Just as last week tell me if you think I’ve left something out, or if you have any other comments.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book Review: World War Two Day by Day.

The full title of this book is Campaigns of World War II Day by Day, edited and compiled by Chris Bishop and Chris McNab; this is a slightly less academic work than my usual fare, but it is filled with: fact, figures, maps, diagrams, and photos from the war. It covers all the major battles from 1939 to 1945 in both the Pacific and European theaters, but is a bit stilted towards the European theater; this is pretty common for books of this type, and I will say that this one does a better job than most when it comes to giving Japan equal time.

The Adventurers: Conversion Part III

Here is the first of my Mercenary Trooper cards, this guy is an African “freedom fighter” recruited from the East African Conflict Zone, these guys are the biggest and the meanest, and have probably committed as many atrocities as they have witnessed.

mercsheet trooper 1

A few more character sheets to go and then comes the long process of rules and token creation.

Tannhauser Affiliation Symbols

After the jump are all the Tannhauser affiliation symbols currently seen on all of the character sheets is Tannhauser. Now I’ve scanned these from various sources and have de-screened and filtered them as best as possible so they can be used for custom character sheets. And while they may not look great here, keep in mind on the actual character sheet they will be quite small, and you should use a blending mode like multiply in Photo Shop to get the desired effect. You can also adjust the saturation to achieve the desired color.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Adventurers: Conversion Part II

Here is my new fully custom character sheet for my Tannhauser conversion of the characters from FFG’s The Adventurers.


I’ll be posting some more character sheets for this custom faction as Tannhauser Month continues. For a little more the character above, see me after the jump…

Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Real History

I was recently told about a new book on the history of World War Two, it’s called The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War, by renowned British historian, Andrew Roberts.

Check out more after the jump…

Video Review: Iroh Gameplay Review

Well to finish out this weeks videos is my promised more detailed review of Iroh. This video focuses on how well he played and what he brings to the board.


As always comments are welcome, and this will be the last video for this week. But expect new videos next week, and some custom character previews this weekend.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

MaxMini releases a “Tesla Cannon” is a cool little company that sells bits to mod figures for gaming (mostly geared towards the Warhammer market). But today they have one that could be used to create a unique Tannhauser figure.

Given the ever present influence of Tesla over the Matriarchy this seems like it could have some potential, and with the new alliance with the Union, it might be cool to see Barry lugging this bad-boy around. The link to their store page is below.

Operation: Novgorod: Video Review

Today we have a video review of Tannhauser Operation: Novgorod, the largest and most expensive Tannhauser expansion, that introduces us to the Matriarchy faction.

Operation: Novgorod

I couldn't cover everything because this expansion is just so big, but as always leave a comment if you thing I left out something important.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ravage’s Sgt. Killgore in Tannhauser

Daysman G (on the FFG forum)  has reported that Ravage Magazine’s mascot Sgt. Killgore is “staring” in a Tannhauser solo scenario featured in the latest issue of their publication.


Sgt. Killgore will apparently appear as a miniature figure, the “green” is in progress. However, it’s not clear how or if this figure will be made available.

Read a lot more after the jump…

Video Review: Reich Trooper Pack

Continuing my series of video reviews this week is the Reich counterpart to my last video, the Reich Trooper Pack.

Reich Trooper Pack

Well I hope you all have been enjoying these videos, and maybe even learning something new, even if you’re a Tannhauser veteran.

As always comments welcome.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Video Review: Union Trooper Pack

Continuing my daily series of video reviews this week, I’m going to have a look at my favorite Union expansion the Trooper Pack.

Union Trooper Pack, Video Review.

As always enjoy, and don’t forget the comments.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Daedalus Video Review

Here is the first is a series of video review of some of the Tannhauser expansions that have been out for a little while, expect a new video everyday this week.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed that, and please as always leave comments below.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is Tannhauser Month

Hey all, just wanted to post some news, etc.. I’m going to be posting lots of stuff this month like scenarios, my Mercenaries characters, and other stuff.

Also you can expect to see some videos on the new Shogunate expansions, and some on some of the older expansions.

For anyone who wants to know I’m on Google+ you can search for Jeremiah Terry, and add me to a circle if you like.

Here’s a question for you all, now that the Shogunate is out there are over 30 Tannhauser characters, do you think we need any more characters, or should FFG focus on maps and campaigns?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Bonus Token

It’s October and to celebrate I’m going to be posting as often as possiable, So, let’s kick of Tannhauser Month with a new bonus token. I’ve been waiting to post this bonus token all year.

The Curse of the Werewolf

nutral backwerewolf

Werewolves, synonymous with Halloween, are monsters that have captured the human imagination for centuries. This legend dates all the way back to Grecian times where there was even a cult based around it. The meaning of Werewolf literally means man wolf, Were- meaning man in old English and Wolf is the infamous wild dog that inhabits the wilderness and many fairytales alike...

Ability • This token does not take up an equipment slot.

Once per game you may "transform" into a Werewolf. To do so, place this token under your character's model (this does not require an action). For the next two turns this character is a Werewolf, and may not use any of their regular equipment, or spend Command Points. They are considered to have the following stats regardless of their Health Status. Combat =7, Stamina =6, Mental =—, and Movement = 8. Additionally they are considered to be equipped with the following Weapon.

Werewolf Claws and Fangs

Weapon, Hand-to-Hand • When attacking with this weapon add two additional dice to your attack roll. Additionally if you roll at least one Natural 10 on your attack roll, roll two additional dice and add their results to the attack roll.

After using this ability this character looses their next activation, and must pass this token to any character they wounded while they were a Werewolf, the character receiving this token may use it as above. If no such character is still alive then discard this token.

The red border makes the token easier to see which character is the Werewolf, if available a miniature may be used to represent the Werewolf.

Now, I know this one is a little complex but try it and you’ll see it plays rather intuitively.

Friday, September 30, 2011

New Releases already in some stores…

I just saw both Mizu and Itami for sale, and FFG has moved Operation Hinansho and Natalya's release dates to November. The Matriarchy Trooper Pack is slated for December.

The Shogunate Arrives

Now I know these have been out for a few weeks but some logistic issues delayed their arrival here.

But without further adieu, here is my video pre-review of the Shogunate Troopers and Iroh, now I say pre-review because I have yet to field these characters. So, I can’t comment on how they play. Only their quality, and my first impressions are here.

Note: I kind of flubbed the Land Mine info, it does require an action to place a Land Mine, so you can only place one per turn, I did not make that clear.

Here’s looking forward to trying these out this weekend, and I’m going to try and do more videos over the fall, and winter.