Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daedalus Rules Posted by FFG

FFG has put up a PDF of the Rules for Daedalus, sans scenarios. Daedalus has had a lot of changes since it was first released by T.O.Y. way back in 2008. While I can’t go over everything; here are a few big ones…

First, is the new Outpost of Gevaudan map on the flip side.

Second, is the change of the sniper post art, see below…


First is the “original” proposed art for the sniper post, second is how it appears in the new manual. Keep in mind these are FFG exclusive, and not in the original release, and I believe only found on the new map.

Third, is the addition of tokens for NPC characters, while the rules state these are only for their given scenarios, they have huge potential for custom scenario building.


Note: the first image, Field Ops owners will recognize as a member of the Reich (hence the pickelhaube), but now he his the Revenant; they are the guardians of the Labyrinth of Minos. The others represent “troopers” and faceless peasants respectively.

The final thing I’m going to mention is the inclusion of crate tokens “to replace all the original Tannhauser and Novgorod crate tokens.” While I don’t think necessary, now I can play “Tannhauser Memory” with my daughter. : )

Here’s the link to the FFG news story: The Beast Within.


Thanks for the comment Rhydderch, A Pickelhaube is the helmet with a spike on top commonly used by the German army of WW1.

And here is an image of the “Esiendivision” character card from Tannhauser Field Ops courtesy of Doc Savage.

esiendivision field ops

Please forgive the quality, as Field Ops cards have a very heavy texture making them extremely hard to copy or photograph.