Saturday, January 8, 2011


Currently I have several AT 43 conversions in the Beta stage, some have been play-tested and probably wont be seeing any changes. In a few weeks (or months) I should be releasing a PDF containing all of my AT 43 conversion in a single book. (let’s keep our fingers crossed)

Other things coming down the pipe: The winter 2011 edition of the Mythopoeia, a custom campaign book, some more Google Sketch-Up based maps, and may be some more character customs.

In other news Rhydderch from the FFG forums has started his own Blog where he will be posting Tannhauser news and his own custom work. Link: Go, check out his first post.

Finally for today a preview of the next AT 43 custom, this time a squad of Therian Storm Golems become the Grimorians a collective race of galactic nomads.


Here are the rebased AT 43 figs and prototype tokens and Character Card. (Note: the Health Indicator is not the final version by far) This will be a unique faction that shares the same Character Card, equipment, and stats. Trust me it will al make sense when you see the custom rules later.