Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tannhauser Tuesday: It’s Batman…

No I haven’t stolen Doc Savage’s tag line, his soul, or anything so sinister. But today if you pop over to Savage Tales, you’ll see something very similar, and yet somehow different.

Me and Doc have created two Tannhauser compatible versions of Batman. Doc’s is a very traditional idea of Batman many will recognize, even if your not huge Batman fans.

I on the other hand have created a version of Batman that is far more at home in war. A Batman who not only carries guns, but is willing to use them to their utmost. I have not yet created a story of how this Batman came to be, but if I do it will be posted here.

This week we’ll be posting the Character Sheets and the tokens.

Character Sheet

Batman Card VMiah 4 copy 

Print and Make Tokens

Miah Bat Token Sheet copy

And here is a preview of the rules…

Batman Rule Sheet Miah

Well I hope you all enjoy this, and don’t forget to head over to Savage Tales to see Doc’s version.

Well I’ll be taking an extended break from custom work, after the completion of this Batman project, to work on the Mythopoeia and the Tannhauser University tutorial articles.