Monday, January 3, 2011

The Untotetruppen Unleashed

If you’ve been following my blog of late, you’ve seen several AT 43 based Tannhauser customs; the latest being the Untotetruppen Frankenstein like monsters based on ONI virus zombies miniatures.

Well now the character cards and tokens are complete:

First the token sheets can be found here (the file is around 10MB):  Untotetruppen Tokens.PDF

Now the document has enough tokens for four sets of Untotetruppen, but I only have character cards for three sets at the moment. So, you will have some extras for your own custom ideas. Or you can ignore the rule about using different tokens for each character in a set.

Next the character cards (appx. 7MB): Untotetruppen CC.PDF

This file includes three character cards for up to six “Untotetruppen”. Also included are back graphics, so when you print the whole document you will get three fronts and three backs.

I find printing them on Avery full sheet labels makes them very easy to assemble. The backs have an extra wide border so they can be folded over like the actual Tannhauser cards. If anyone needs them I’ll post detailed instructions when I have some materials to assemble my own set.

Here is a link to the previous article with the rule sheet: Untotetruppen...

Here are a full set of rebased Untotetruppen (AT 43 ONI Virus Zombie Figs) with “name tags”.


Their “names” are the German Phonetic Alphabet equivalents of Abel, Baker, Charlie, etc.