Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wolf and Daedalus Arrive…

While they didn’t fly in on wax wings, Wolf and Daedalus have arrived here in my gaming bunker.

Just a couple of thing of note as an excellent article on the new Daedalus has been posted on, and also I’ve already covered may of the changes from the T.O.Y. edition to the FFG version.

First the one Daedalus note, the Profundis bonus token (seen below) has switched from a Matriarchy Bonus Token to just a simple scenario token; forwarding theories that we may see a lot of Tannhauser art repurposed for the new FFG releases.


Next a note on Wolf, there’s nothing really new to add here as the Wolf I received was an original T.O.Y./FFG printing, including the version 1.0 rule book. To be honest the box shows much wear that it has to be an original 2007 printing. That said, I’m very glad he is no longer a promo item only, and I also must add his miniature was of very good quality for the Tannhauser line.