Monday, February 7, 2011

The 13th Occult Division, Intermediate…

Last week we covered Hermann von Heizinger, and this week we will be covering the three characters directly under his command as leader of the 13th Occult Division.

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The characters we’ll be discussing today are Karl “Ozo” Zermann, the Schocktruppen, and the Stosstruppen. Eva Kramer of the Blutstrum Division will be covered next time.

As usual we’re playing Deathmatch with the Core Game and the Revised Rules of Play. If you read through past articles you can learn about the “accessories” I use in these demos.

Let’s begin with Karl “Ozo” Zermann, Hermann’s bodyguard and demon possessed former military police officer. First we’ll look at his Character Sheet and Figure.


Above you can see above Karl has reasonably high Stats, like all Reich characters his Mental Value is a bit higher than his Union counterparts. Below is his figure.


Ok now let’s look at Karl’s Combat Pack and Special Item, see pages 40 and 41. Karl’s Special Item is “Doom” a demonic pistol that can fire around both corners and through doors.

If you look below you can see all the characters Karl can target with Doom. Now, being a “Mental” weapon he rolls four dice per attack.


One of the best strategies for the Reich is to keep Karl to near Hermann within the influence of either the Hermetica Umrba or Occulta; allowing Karl to attack with an extra die, or protecting him from enemy incursion allowing him to fire Doom unimpeded, respectively. (See: Heizinger 201 for more info on the Hermetica.)

Moving on to the rest of Karl’s Combat Pack, we see he is equipped with a “Stielhandgrenata” this is the standard Grenade for the Reich, see pages 22 and 23 for the rules for Grenades. Then the next to items are far more interesting, combined “Supernatural Strength” and “Immunity to Pain” allow Karl to maintain his best Combat and Stamina values no matter his Health status or situation.

So now let’s look at a quick demonstration to show how all this works together. Below we see Karl’s current position and the surrounding characters it’s Karl’s activation and all characters are equipped with Combat Packs.


For his activation Karl has a few targets to choose from, without the need to move, but he could if he wanted. The Reich player chooses to fire on the Commando Alpha. Below you can see the shortest path Doom’s bullets could follow to the Alpha.


Now, to the close up, we can see here that Karl rolled five dice thanks to his proximity to Hermann and the Hermetica Umbra. He rolled a 10, 8, 8, 4, 1, which is pretty good and gets him FIVE successes (hits) thanks to his Combat Value of Six. The Alpha’s Shock Roll of 5, 4, 1, 1, is not so good, with a Stamina Value of Five he scores only ONE success (cancel) and suffers FOUR wounds; which is enough to kill him instantly (he is removed from play and his disposable equipment is placed on the board).


Karl remains in his position and play passes to the Union player.

The Union player has quite a few options, but decides to seek revenge for the fallen Alpha, and sends John to attack Karl. Let’s go straight to the close up. Below you can see that John failed to get a Natural 10 even after rerolling his two lowest dice (see Combat Infantry Badge page 48), so his Flash Gun MK1’s special ability does no activate (see page 46). But he still manages to score FIVE hits. Karl’s Shock Roll of 6, 5, 4, 4, cancel all but one of those hits and he suffers one wound. The Reich player decides to spend Two Command Points, one to Shake Off Karl’s wound and one to Counter Attack.


In this next image we see Karl’s Counter Attack.


Again Karl rolls five dice because of Hermann’s Hermetica Umbra, which applies to Counter Attacks, because they are “resolved as a normal attack” (see page 25). Additionally Karl uses his “best Combat Value” thanks to his Supernatural Strength. So, his Attack roll of 9, 8, 5, 5, 1, gives him FOUR hits, and John’s miserable 8, 4, 2, 1, only cancels TWO. So John suffers two wounds and the Union player is forced to spend a CP and fall back.

Let’s move on now to Karl’s Stamina Pack, page 41, which again contains a grenade. It also has a “First Aid Kit” which can be very helpful in keeping characters alive. The other item is “Celerity” which is Latin for quickness of movement, or more simply speed. Celerity allows Karl to add +2 to his current Movement Value, for a total of NINE when he’s at full health. If you look below you can see just how far he can move in a single turn.


Now in this some what complicated image the Blue Chips mark all of the circles Karl could reach without Celerity, the Red Chips show how much further Celerity allows him to travel. As you can see he can reach nearly the entire Map in one turn; this can be a huge advantage in some Scenarios allowing Karl to complete objectives faster by getting to them sooner.

Ok, now let’s move on now to Karl’s Command Pack, which much like Hermann’s Command Pack from last week can benefit from the addition of a Bonus Token.

(Note: last week I forgot to say that the first few Bonus Tokens are available here: Tannhauser Classic Support, from this page you can download them, print them out, and make reasonably good tokens. All the new rules for the currently released Bonus Tokens are on pages 83 and 84. Many of these are also available in the current Tannhauser Expansions.)

Back to Karl. Again he has his grenade, he is the only Reich character who always has one. Next he has his Rank, “Oberleutnant” this adds +3 to the Reich’s Initiative Rolls. Then finally he has his Medal the “Ringkragen”, this adds an additional die to all attacks made using Doom. Now all this is pretty straight forward, and like Hermann if you don’t care about going first you can easily replace Karl’s Rank with a Bonus Token, and in this case we’re going to look at what I think is a very powerful offensive combo for the Reich.

Ok, here’s our board again, it’s Karl’s Activation and this time he is equipped with his Command Pack, only his Rank has been replaced with the “Obscura Korps Band” see page 84. Now the O.K. Band is a neat little token that allows you to increase any of your four Stats by one at the beginning of your Activation, now it only lasts till the end of your current Activation, but you can do it every turn.

So the Reich player begins Karl’s activation by using the O.K. Band to increase Karl’s Combat Value to 7, this does not require an action. Next Karl uses Doom to fire at John MacNeal. See Below.


Now we see the Red Chips once again tracing the path of Doom’s bullets, but this time Karl rolls SIX dice thanks to the combination of his Ringkragen and his proximity to Hermann (if you forgot where Hermann is, see the previous picture). So his roll of 10, 7, 4, 4, 4, 3, are all hits thanks to the O. K. Band giving him a temporary Combat Value of SEVEN (remember 10-7=3, so he hits on three or higher). John rolled 10, 7, 4, 3, which gives him only TWO cancels, that’s FOUR wounds. So, if the Union player wants to keep him alive he’ll need to spend a CP.

Now that’s all for Karl; so, we’ll be moving on to the Reich’s two Troopers the Stosstruppen and the Schocktruppen. Now in the Core Tannhauser Set Troopers only have Combat and Stamina Packs, so this won’t take quite as long as Karl (I hope).

Let’s begin with the Stosstruppen as he has already received some attention here at Tannhauser University. Looking at his Character Sheet we see that physically he is one of the most powerful Troopers in the Core Game, He has a Combat Value of 6, with average Stamina and Movement Values, but unlike most Reich characters his Mental Value is a 2 the whole way down. I guess we can’t expect a demonic foot-soldier to be a genius.


And here is his figure…


You can find the rules for the Stoss on pages 44 and 45 of the Revised Rules. Looking at his Combat Pack we see he has some very familiar items, Supernatural Strength and Immunity to Pain, these are exactly the same a Karl’s and allow all the same abilities. Also in the Combat Pack is a simple “Combat Knife” which is just a “Weapon, Hand-to-Hand” for more see page 21. His Special Item is the “Demon Taint” which allows him to roll an additional die for each Hand-to-Hand weapon he carries. to see how this all works please review: Tannhauser for Beginners Day Two, where you’ll find a demo of the Stoss in combat with his Combat Pack.

Now let’s look at the Stamina Pack which I’ve not covered before. Again we see two familiar items this time it’s Celerity and Immunity to Pain, which again are the same as above. The new item “Not Dead Yet” is an interesting one that allow the Stoss to reenter the Game just like a Reinforcement (see page 26), except he only keeps his Demon Taint Token, and you don’t need to spend any Command Points to do this. This can be very helpful in combat.

Next let’s look at the Schocktruppen. looking at his sheet we see that he is not quite as strong as the Stoss, but he makes up for it by firing a lot of bullets.


Finally here we see the Schocktruppen’s figure.


We’ve seen him in action as well in a previous article: Intermediate Combat Training Overwatch, if you take a look there you can see what the Schocktruppen does best, stand guard on “Overwatch”. Also in his Combat Pack is a grenade that is the same as Karl’s grenade.

The Schocktruppen’s Stamina Pack contains his gun and a First Aid Kit (the same as all First Aid Kits), and one new thing, “Extra Ammunition”. The Extra Ammo Token is very useful as it allows you to make an attack without spending an Action, so you could attack and search a crate, or attempt an objective, or best of all you could attack twice. Let’s take a look at this in action.

Below we see the Schocktruppen is on the Orange Path with the Command Delta, so without moving he fires his MP-40 at the Delta allowing him to use his “Mad Minute” ability and add one more die to the attack, for a total of SIX.


(Note: while it would not have effected the out come of this attack, I forgot to add the extra die for the Schocktruppen’s proximity to Heizinger and the Hermetica Umbra; so the Schocktruppen should have rolled SEVEN dice.)

Looking at the close up above we see the Schocktruppen has easily killed the Delta with a 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 5, for SIX hits, of which only TWO are canceled, by the Delta’s 9, 5, 3, 3. Next the Schocktruppen runs up the Hall along the Orange Path and fires on Barry Brown, by Discarding his Extra Ammo Token and making a second attack that requires no Action. (You can also see the Delta’s equipment left behind when he died.)


Above we see that now because the Schocktruppen has moved he rolls only the usual five dice for a “Weapon, Automatic” (see page 21). His roll of 9, 8, 7, 5, 4, is very good and gets him FOUR hits, Barry’s 8, 4, 3, 3, is not as good, but his Stamina Value of 6 helps, he scores two cancels, and the Union player spends a CP to Shake Off one of the two possible wounds. If the Union player had any CP left he could Counter Attack, but instead the Schocktruppen will be able to fall back two circles. So you can see that under the right conditions a Schocktruppen can do quite a lot of damage.

Well that’s all for to today, next time we’ll look at Eva Kramer.