Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Blutstrum’s Eva Kramer (Intermediate)

Today we’ll be finishing our series on the Reich team from the Core Game set with Eva Kramer one of the many Blutstrum’s fem-fatals.

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Let’s start as usual, with the Character Sheet and figure.


Eva like most female characters has a slightly lower Stamina Value, but she makes up for that by having the highest Movement Value. Her other stats are average. One thing you might notice is she has a few “Affiliation Stamps” unlike the other Reich characters, this will allow you to place her into almost any Reich team, as future expansion become available. Below you can see her figure.


Looking at pages 36 and 37 of the Revised Rules we find all of Eva’s rules and tokens. Her Special Item is called ‘Strafe”, all Blutstrum characters specialize in a unique melee weapon, Eva’s is a whip.

Strafe is very unique weapon as it is the only Hand-to-Hand weapon that can target a character two circles away. If you look below you can get a good idea of how far Strafe can reach. The Red Bingo Chips show each circle Eva could target with Strafe.


So why don’t we pick up where we left of last time, let’s begin with Eva’s Combat Pack.

Below see Eva has moved up the Map and has used he maximum Movement Value to get into range of Barry Brown, who as you may recall had recently been shot by a Schocktruppen and is currently at his third Health Row. So let’s look at the close up.


Eva’s roll of 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, not only gives her five successes (hits), but the Natural 10 forces Barry to roll two fewer dice for his Shock Roll. Also, Eva’s “Critical Hit” Ability makes that same Natural 10 count as TWO hits, so that SIX total. So Barry’s 9, 3, with a current Stamina Value of 4 means he’s canceled only one of Eva’s five hits and he falls to the Reich like so many before.

The other two item in Eva’s Combat Pack are her “Mauser C96” and her “Iron Cross 1st Class”. The Mauser is just a standard Pistol, and while it does give her some ranged attack ability, it is not the most effective weapon, but it will also benefit from the Critical Hit ability. The Iron Cross is an item that gives you two extra Command Points to spend during the current turn.

The Iron Cross 1st Class and similar Medals work like so, during Eva’s Activation she may discard this token and add TWO CP to her sides “pool”, this does not require an action, but remember that during the next Refresh Tokens Step any unspent CP are lost. Personally I wait until I expect a lot of combat to use this token, that way I have two extra CP to Shake Off wounds with.

Now let’s move on to her Stamina Pack, working up from the bottom of the list on page 37, we see the “Iron Cross 2nd Class” which works like the previous Iron Cross 1st Class, but this one only gives you ONE CP. Next we see the familiar First Aid Kit, see the last article for a little more on the First Aid Kit.

Now we started at the bottom because the “first” item in the Stamina Pack is Eva’s “Lugar P 08” while this is still a fairly weak pistol, it does have the bonus of preventing Counter Attacks, so let’s look at a quick demo.


Above we see Eva has fired her Lugar at Barry, and thanks to her proximity to Hermann and his Hermetica Umbra, she rolls five dice. Her roll of 9, 9, 8, 3, 2, gets her THREE hits, and Barry’s roll of 6, 3, 1, 1, cancels one of them. Now Barry can spend a CP to Shake Off a wound and normally he could spend a second one to Counter Attack, but because Eva attacked with her Lugar he is prevented from making a Counter Attack.

Finally we come to Eva’s Command Pack, now the only new item in this Pack is “Infiltration” this ability allows Eva to enter the board before the game begins. Now the biggest advantage of Infiltration is that Eva may use the opponents entry point. I look below you can see all the circles Eva could end this Infiltration move in.


The Green chips show how far she can go entering via the Staircase, and the Blue ones show how far she could move entering via the Front Door. You can see the advantage of the Front Door and if the Reich must use the Stairs, using Eva’s Infiltration can allow to gain that advantage. Some other thing to note about Infiltration, the movement that occurs before the Start of the Game, is not an activation, and Eva may not preform an Action. After the Game starts, Eva may activate as normal and again move eight circles, or more if the Reich player spend some CP. In other words at the end of the first turn using Infiltration Eva could move a total of 16 circles or 18 if the Reich player spends two Command Points.

Ok, that will be all for today, next time we’ll begin looking at the Union characters.