Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oksana and Asteros Arrive…

While I know that Asteros has been out for a little while now mine was on pre-order with some other materials. My first impression is that he is quite big. His equipment is for the most part is weapons and armor that add dies to his Attack Rolls or Shock Rolls. His weapon Labrys, a ginormous axe can be thrown at an enemy, the only disadvantage of tossing this Paul Bunyanesque weapon is you need to go pick it up.

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Here’s a look at his character card and his figure is below. One thing to note about Asteros is he has no skills to use for objectives. Also his card does not denote his Epic Hero status. An Epic Hero takes up two character slots on a team.



Also included are two more recycled TOY bonus tokens; first is the Masque of Samhain (formally the Trick-or-Treat Mask token) this token allows you to “masquerade as your enemy”. Next is the Shame of Minos (which although I recognize the image I can’t find the old info on it), it makes your enemy loose one Command Point per turn for each mercenary they deploy.

Also included are a few more crate tokens like you need more crate tokens.

The next individual to arrive in my gaming bunker is Oksana. Now I just received her so I have not read her rules in detail, so this is just a preview. She is an interesting character that can be allied on a Union or Matriarchy team, she has a new Affiliation Symbol to allow this. She also has no equipment packs, instead she is always equipped with Vesper, a weapon best described as a lightening staff, that can target two characters. The other token that she always carries is Lucifer, this allows her to use an action to activate any pair of Voivodes on the board, regardless of weather they have activated or not, and finally she carries one of her Voivode’s tokens that any Voivode under her control may use. Here’s a look at her card and her figure, her Voivodes, and some of her tokens. The big change regarding her Voivodes is the obscure and in my opinion confusing Voivode equipment symbols have been replaced with images of the equipment.



Also included with Oksana are three bonus tokens, I’m not going to go over all of them but there’s one in particular old fans will find interesting and maybe disappointing. The new token “Call in the Troops”, allows you to introduce a reinforcement for free. But the interesting part is the token features the Ikarus Faith art. Faith was the French community character, and while TOY treated its fans like a family, and developed this character with them, it is highly unlikely will be seeing Faith anywhere else in FFG’s Tannhauser other than the Wolf fluff text.

Well that’s all for today, I will cover both these characters in more detail in later Tannhauser University articles.