Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rampant Speculation and Failed Intelligence

There’s been a lot of talk about what might come next from FFG for Tannhauser, now that all of the known TOY figures are released. So, I thought I would go over a lot of the characters already partly developed by TOY that all have a potential to be released by FFG in the coming year.

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Both the Reich and the Union got a lot of new stuff in “Tannhauser Field Ops” the Tannhauser card game, that FFG has said it most likely won't rerelease, but as the art and even some of the rules could be used in the Tannhauser board game, these have the greatest potential for development. However, the Matriarchy was not in Field Ops at all so, that may disappoint a few of you.

Click on most pictures for a larger version.

Here is the cover art from Tannhauser Field Ops.


Moving on to the specific character possibilities, let’s take a look at the new Reich characters featured in Field Ops…

Freya von Karloff : She is a sniper with night vision and a "evil eye"; she is also married to Baron Karloff. Here’s a picture.


Baron von Karloff : He’s the half man half machine leader of the Esiendivision with an anti-aircraft cannon as one arm, and a mace for the other. Here is his picture, sorry for the quality, but this is a picture of his Field Ops card). the second image I believe is an early sketch of the Baron as it shares many of the same features.


Behemoth : Biblical demon enslaved by the Reich, I don’t know a lot about this one, but I have a good picture.


Panzertruppen : "Armored trooper", half machine soldiers of the Reich's Esiendivision, they're "suicide bombers", image below.

field ops card 1

Frankenstahl Golem : Giant mutant creations of the Esiendivision, part machine, but mostly big, bigger than Asteros. They’re armed with triple “Hellfire Cannons”; you can see it on the box cover above, but here’s a close up.


Esiendivision : (trooper) These are the monstrous troopers that have been repurposed by FFG as the Daedalus Revenants. In Field Ops they were armed with SG-44 assault rifles.

See here for more on the Esiendivision and the Revenants : http://miah000.blogspot.com/2011/01/daedalus-rules-posted-by-ffg.html.

Now on to the Union…

Sako Aponi : Tala's cousin, more disciplined, Union officer, master of the Navajo Ghost Dance, She is also a great healer, apparently able to revive the dead. See below.


Drake Harrison : Guy from Field Ops with a flamethrower. I don’t know much else. Here is the only picture I have of him.

Drake Field Ops card

Major General Edison : Son of Pres. Edison, and commander of the 42nd MSF Division, his weapon is the BFG. Here he is below, but again a good image is hard for me to come by.


Omega Commandos : mentioned in the Union Troop Pack fluff, close combat experts, now these have the least potential as no specific art exists, but FFG could use some of the other character art for them.

The Hurricanes (troopers) : Troopers with jet packs, from Field Ops and mentioned in some of the Hoax fluff. See below.


Flying Tigers (troopers) : The 101st Airborne, shown below parachuting into battle.


The Spearhead Combat Walker : These are very large armored “mechs”, I don’t think we’ll see them on the Tannhauser Board due to their size. You can see one below and there’s one way in the back on the cover art above.

And finally the Matriarchy…

Phantom Division "ORB" : From the TOY version of the Novgorod manual, some sort of sniper.


Strelsky Troopers : From the TOY version of the Novgorod manual, standard foot soldiers of Russia, Strelsky means shooters.


Battle Armor Vetchorka : From the TOY version of the Novgorod manual, the second Zor'ka style god/combat armor. See below and on page 63 of the Revised rule book, there’s a picture of this in the lower right corner.

combat armor 2

Battle Armor Poloutnotchka : From the TOY version of the Novgorod manual, the third god/combat armor. See page 79 of the Revised rule book, there’s a picture of this in the lower right corner.

Just for your information, Yula, Wolf, and Hoax, also appear in Tannhauser Field Ops, along with a variety of ability cards that feature “token” art for each character.

Here are some other potential ideas, but I have little or no info, if you know anything about these images leave a comment.





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