Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back from the dead… Maybe…

I’m back today for a short post for the March Bonus Token and a special Bonus Token. First the March Bonus Token.



A traditional symbol of luck and St. Patrick’s Day.

LUCKunion back

Hardware • Before the game begins roll six dice and write down the result. Then once during the game you use the result you wrote down instead of a single roll (Natural 10s are counted as Natural 10s). Discard this token after use.

Next we have the Special Bonus Token…


Happy Birthday, time for presents...

birthdaynutral back

Ability • Before the first game turn begins but after all Equipment Packs have been chosen, the opposing play must choose one token from each character on his team and give them to you. Stack these tokens on top of the Happy Birthday token. After the game begins, at the start each activation you may chose one of these tokens to be "active", by placing it on top of the stack. You may use this token as your own until it is discarded, expended, or switched for another of the tokens in the stack.

This token may only be played on your birthday.

Well that’s all I have for today, in other news, the Tannhauser University articles are going to be delayed for quite a while still. And I will have no other custom work of any kind (except Bonus Tokens) to post until after April.

I’m sorry for any disappointment, but I am a very unhealthy individual and this can’t be helped.