Friday, March 25, 2011

Hoss and the Equipment Cards Arrive

I’m not going to go in to extreme depth yet as I plan on doing a video review of both as my first video for this blog. But here is a taste; the Equipment Cards are small (as expected if you read the description close), but they give a lot of info and I’m pretty happy with them. One thing I noticed was Eva’s Iron Cross First Class is now a “Bonus Item”, hmmm. If this is not an error it demonstrates FFG’s ability to update rules, by only issuing a new card.

As for Hoss he may not be the Panzer Tank everyone was expecting, but he’s still pretty powerful. The included bonus content: Eva’s Bonus (winter) Pack, three bonus tokens, and four more crates.

Expect to see a video review of all this by Monday, unless my 3DS turns out to be more distracting than expected.