Friday, April 1, 2011

The End is Near…

Well folks this is the end; time and tide have caught up with me and it’s time to shut the doors on Miah999’s Tannhauser Blog.

Good Bye to all…


Today’s real post, the April Bonus token.

The Easter Island Totem

easter island totemnutral back

These strange totems were constructed on a massive scale by the now extinct people of Easter Island as guardians and watchers. This minute version discovered in a small cave in 1936, seems to possess a strange power, to confer vision beyond that of our eyes.

Hardware • While equipped with this token you may target one circle out of path, this circle must be adjacent to a circle you could normally target.

Hope I didn’t scare you too much. I’m sill working on my next video idea, I know I mentioned focusing on John soon, but that turned out too boring, I’m going to make a more strategy focused video hopefully this weekend.