Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi Def. Preview Footage

Here is some un-narrated preview footage from my new camera, it’s full HD, but has no optical zoom so close ups are not possible. Basically I’m still testing to see if Full 1080 HD is necessary or if a 720P camera with optical zoom would be better.

Here is a 1080P video…

HD Tannhauser 1080P

The truth is I just don’t know; I don’t have access to a variety of cameras to see which is best. What I do know is 1080P gives me the most detail, but I can’t afford a 1080P camera with high end optics that will produce good close ups.

So what do you guys think, higher resolution with no close up ability, or should I get a camera with optical zoom but no 1080HD.


I wasn’t happy with the lack of optical zoom, so I took that camera back. We were at the Pawn Shop today (gun shopping), and I found a Sony Handy cam for 20% off, so I picked it up (and an AR-15 stripped lower). It has 25x zoom and full 1080 HD, I will get my first HD video made after Easter.