Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Play by IM/Email info

Carlos over on the FFG forums has made a couple of good suggestions. First if your going to try Windows Live Messenger 2011 as you IM client, you can use Messenger Plus ( to install a dice rolling script that will transmit virtual dice rolls of any kind as a Instant Message. After you install Messenger Plus you need to install the following script file ( Once it’s all setup you can use the /roll command to run the script like so: /roll 5d10 will roll five ten sided virtual dice, and give a result for each (and add them together). It’s working really well for me.

One more idea from Carlos is to make a dice roll system for searching crate tokens so it will help eliminate cheating. He suggested assigning numbers to crate tokens so a die roll could determine what you found. Thinking about that I came up with this system.

When you search a crate you roll one D10, and the number is matched to the items as follows.

1 One Command Point
2 Two Command Points
3 First Aid Kit
4 Extra Ammunition
5 MP 40
6 Sten Mark II
7 Trench Gun
8 Combat Knife
9 M15 Smoke Grenade
0 Generic Grenade

I stuck with the D10 so a real Tannhauser die could be used if necessary.

Well that’s all for now, I’ll hopefully be able to test all this out in a week or two.