Sunday, April 10, 2011

Play Tannhauser by IM/Email, or Webcam

Me and Darknight (from the FFG forums) have been working on playing Tannhauser by IM or maybe even by webcam. Now I know that it will require lots of trust to do dice rolls and ensure a fair game (less so if you have webcams), but this will be great for people like myself who have no one to play with except their wife. Not that she’s not fun to play with, but she always wins.

So we were thinking you could do this like chess where each player has the full game laid out, and sends their opponent their moves.

The other thing you need besides loads of trust is a numbered map to make moving easy, so I’m providing the Novgorod map as a beta for this system, it’s been numbered and can be printed out on a regular piece of paper for easy reference.

mapnovgorodus0 copy

An example of how to notate a move would be (MacNeal 64->70).

Please let me know what you guys think, Me and Darknight should be playing our first game in a few weeks. (Scheduling issues, you know) I will try to let you all know how that goes.

Note: yes I know there is a Vassal module for Tannhauser but it is not updated for the Revised Rules, and last I heard FFG sent a cease and desist to the person developing a new version.