Thursday, May 19, 2011

And Then There Were Four


Now, we have four factions, or do we have two? The new “allied forces” rules are still a little murky but we know we’ll be seeing these factions in mixed teams more and more.

But that’s not my main topic for the day, today I’m going to indulge in a little far out speculation. Now, I won’t be saying this is what I think is coming, but just what I might like to see.

It’s all that and a html table, after the jump.

Ok, here is some of what I might like to see from the Shogunate, and some of it may be close to the truth; time will tell.

Shinigami: now these are the “death gods” of japan and have been represented in various forms throughout history. I mention them because the fluff site for the Shogunate mentions “paranormal research” and these two thing are closely related in Japanese culture. Personally my favorite modern interpretation of the Shinigami is Ryuk, from Death Note (anime). shinigami-ryuk
Oni: these are best described as demons, and often look much like the western devil. There are a wide variety of Oni. oni001
Samurai: and not just regular samurai, but really over the top ones with giant weapons. This is actually a popular theme through much of Japanese history and culture. Shimazu Yoshihiro
Finally: a character that can best be described as a lycanthrope. But in Japan these characters often have control over their change, and are not at the will of the full moon. Imagine a beautiful female character that can transform into what the Japanese would call a demon wolf, something like Okami. okami-the-movie-20070112041935217

There you have it some of what I might like to see, if FFG can pull it off. One note in Japan demons are not innately evil, but often have freewill to chose sides just as humans do.

One last thing, some ideas for maps, as we all hope a new map pack or full expansion set is in the future…

Iwo Jima Beach Head

Guadalcanal Air Field / Encampment

Volcanic Island

Angkor Watt

Chinese Village




Well I leave you all with Iwo Jima, may it inspire you all.