Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Shogunate

FFG just announced today a set of new Tannhauser expansions to further deplete my daughter’s college fund. These new expansion are very special as the are the tip of a new faction called the Shogunate. This is a Japanese faction, combining elements of World War II Japan, with the feel of the post “Warring States” era.

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The first two expansions are “Iroh” a Shogunate hero pack and a Shogunate Trooper pack. Also part of the new announcement was the new Allied Forces rules allow the Reich and Shogunate or the Union and the Matriarchy to combine forces.

You can read the original announcement here: From the Far East.

Or find a wealth of info here: Shogunate Information Page.

And now on to some speculation about how many Shogunate releases we may see this year. A while back I posted this list on the Tannhauser forums. It shows all of the item numbers for the current releases, and it also shows us the SIX item jump from TH14 to TH21.

Tannhauser Core Set TH01
Wolf TH02
Yula TH03
Rameirez TH04
Gorgei TH05
Operation Novgorod TH06
Deadalus TH07
Union Troop Pack TH08
Reich Troop Pack TH09
Oksana TH10
Hoax TH11
Hoss TH12
Asteros TH13
Revised Rule Book TH14
Equipment Cards TH21

Now why am I bringing this up again? Because the new Shogunate Troop Pack is item TH15; filling in one of the missing items, but Iroh the hero is item TH24. That actually creates another TWO item gap. So, will we be seeing SEVEN new Tannhauser items in the near future? I don’t know but for some more speculation you can check out this previous post: Rampant Speculation and Failed Intelligence.

Well I leave you now with some pictures of the new characters, be sure to check out the above links for more info.

The Shogunate Troopers.











Iroh “the Daimyo” Minamoto