Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tannhauser Semi-Modular Map: A Concept

I’ve messing around today with the idea of a new Tannhauser modular map much like the one I made before, but the truth is the Path-finding system and a true modular map don’t really play well together. So, I started thinking how can we make Path-finding and modular maps friends? Well the answer is semi-modular maps. Now I didn’t invent semi-modular maps, any game that has a modular board where at least one major part is always in the same place is a semi-modular map.

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So, here is my concept, it’s 60” x 36” and has spaces for six modular rooms, here’s the first draft, drawn by hand…


What we’re looking at above is a manor house with the main entrance at the bottom, a hedge maze, at the top, and the permanent hall ways are red; also there are some small rooms that don’t move. The large square rooms 10” x 10” are to accommodate the modular sections that can be changed out. Examples below…

Untitled-room-1       Untitled-room-2      Untitled-room-3

Here you can see a few rooms added in, a dining hall, a hall extension with rooms on each side, and a court yard.

SCN_0006-croped copy 

I think about a dozen rooms should give you enough variety to have lots of different types buildings like museums, mansions, military HQ, or whatever your scenario requires.

Well this will be a lot of work, and it will have to go through lots of revisions.

Well all for now, ideas and suggestions welcome.