Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tannhauser Crate Markers.

Since Tannhauser was first released in 2007, there have been three different Crate Token back graphics. Now they are all very similar, but someone could possibly cheat using the differences to let them know what’s on the token’s face. So beginning with Daedalus FFG has began “replacing” the crate tokens, but what if you want to use all your crate tokens? Well, one solution is to mix all the crate tokens in a cup or dice bag, and use some other item to mark the crate location on the board. So to further your ability to use this method, I’m going to show you how to make some nice Crate markers, for less then $5 a dozen.

So for full instructions, and a materials list, check it out after the jump…

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the Realm of Suffering…

FFG has announced the Shogunate’s Itami a half Oni blue giant, armed with a kenabo, his human side does show in his inner anatomy, if not his outer appearance.

From the FFG release…

A Shogunate Champion from the Realm of Suffering

Fantasy Flight Games announces Itami, an upcoming single figure hero expansion for Tannhäuser! With his enchanted kenabo, he presents an imposing figure on any battlefield. Drawn forth from Naraka by a blend of science and mysticism, Itami is a hybrid of human and Oni, the denizens of the Realm of Suffering. While even the Shogunate do not fully understand his abilities, they are astounding. For now, he works to ensure the mutual benefits of the Shogunate and the Inferior Worlds, swatting aside enemies with a kenabo wrapped in mystically imbued leather…

Here is his box art.


If you remember I mentioned this half Oni character idea as one of the possibilities for Shogunate characters. See more here: ...there were Four.

Is Asteros for You?

Here is my first attempt at a more opinion focused video, a video review of Asteros, Tannhauser’s resident monster.

Is Asteros for you?

Click the read more, to see the Reich version of Asteros I mentioned in the video.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bonus Token Recap January-June.

Here is the last six months of Miah999’s Bonus Tokens gathered into one convenient place. At the end of the year I’ll post a PDF of all this years tokens. Enjoy…

January- Amnizine

February- Love Potion no. 9

March- Good Luck Charm

April- The Easter Island Totem

May- Mother Russia

June- Der Vaterland

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beware the Cavetroll.

FFG makes a board game called Cavetroll, which features a wonderful map painted by Henning Ludvigsen. He’s an amazing digital artist who also painted the Tannhauser Outpost of Gevaudan map, many cards for FFG’s Call of Cthulhu card game. Recently he did all the map tiles for the Mansions of Madness game also by FFG. So you can see I’m a fan of his work. You can check out his web site here:

But enough fanboy gushing… Read the important part after the jump…

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Layout…

I’ve changed my blog layout, it’s been the same for two years now, and I thought it was time for an update. Hope you all like it.

One point of interest is now posts made the same day are grouped together, it’s kind’a neat.

After Action Report: A Zombie Scenario.

Well me and the wife managed to find a couple hours to play through my simple zombie scenario I posted a couple of days ago. It all went well and played like a longer more challenging death-match for the Union. For my wife her infinite zombie supply allowed her to be more focused in her attacks; attacking my entire squad on some turns, and then singling out a weaker character on others. Check out the rest of the report after the jump…

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Simple Zombie Scenario.

Here is a simple Zombie death-match survival scenario. You’ll need a few things to play it, but it’s not a complex scenario, just something fun. A more complex story set will be on its way using these components.

Check out the full rules and download the printable Zombie Character sheet after the jump…

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Non-Educational Video?

I decided to post this test video of my wife and I playing the “We Gotta Know” scenario from the Daedalus Map Pack (see the Daedalus manual page 12). Now I’m posting this not because it has good narration, or teaches about the different pieces of Tannhauser equipment, or characters. But because it show the importance of choosing the right entry point. Because this scenario has a somewhat unbalanced starting setup, it is possible for the Union to win in less than two turns.

And that’s what you see in the video, remember this is just a raw video, of us playing a friendly game.

A Tannhauser Game Won in less than Ten Minutes.
More videos are on the way, as soon as FFG rules on a few rule questions.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Left Overs

Whenever I create a custom Tannhauser character I generally need eight to nine tokens for them to have full packs, but to come up with those eight or nine, I often create as many as fifteen. So,what happens to all those extra tokens? Well, if I’m working on a whole team like the Phantom Division, then the extras usually get used by other characters in the team. However, I don’t often create whole teams or Factions, so many token ideas end up in a file for forgotten tokens. Now, I go back and use some of those forgotten tokens if I’m working on a new character, and I think to check, but many of them just stay unused.

So, why I’m I talking about all this? Well, I’ve decided I would post a few of these unused tokens, so you folks might be able to put them to use as bonus tokens or what not. Take a look after the jump.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ghost Recon, Shadow Wars: Game Review


If your like me you probably don’t tote the mass of cardboard and plastic that is Tannhauser, instead you may carry something lighter like a Nintendo 3DS. I recently received a copy of Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for the 3DS and I have to say the game play is very Tannhauser like. While the theme and setting are quite different then Tannhauser, i.e. this game takes place in the near future and focuses on anti-terrorism, and a vast Russian conspiracy, but defiantly has a similar gameplay experience.

Check it out after the jump…

AT-43 Converted Epic Character Beta:

Here is the beta version of the AT-43 Cog conversion I previously posted here: At-43 Cog Conversion. The Rules for this character are pretty well finalized, but the art is still a little rough. But I really wanted to get this posted so those of you interested could give him a try and see what you think.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Shogunate’s Mizu

FFG has announced another Shogunate figure single Mizu Kage a female ninja inspired character.

From the FFG announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Mizu, an upcoming single figure expansion for Tannhäuser! Officially an “international liaison” for the Shogunate, Mizu Kage prefers to conduct her diplomacy with Willow and Winding Stream, her deadly sai blades. She has twice saved “the Daimyo” from certain death and three times taken down misguided Reich soldiers who thought to betray their tentative alliance with the Shogunate. Most recently, Mizu Kage was charged by the Lord of Spiritual Wellness Yami Seimei to collect information that the Shogunate’s Reich allies have been withholding. As she works toward the inevitable completion of her task, Mizu Kage keeps to the shadows like a whisper of wind through the night trees.

Here’s the box art.


This further proves the theory that future Tannhauser releases will consist of separate single figure releases, and probably a map pack of some sort, but it’s still a theory, so we’ll have to wait and see.

One last note Mizu is item TH16, which leaves only six unknown items.

Der Vaterland Version 2.0

I wasn’t happy with my Vaterland token for this month, mostly because I had an idea and FFG beat me to the punch, and I don’t like being unoriginal. So I was inspired last night to make this remake of the token with a completely different power, and fluff, so here we go.

Der Vaterland

vaterland obscura korps back

The Germans fight best on their home soil, the Vaterland, and now the Kaiser has declared the world the be Germany’s, so now all soil is home soil.

Rank – A character equipped with this token may enter the map via any entry point (including an enemy’s) or via any “Secret Door”.

Remember that your are limited to three bonus tokens per team, but there is no rule saying they can’t be the same token. So, you could in theory have three characters with this ability at the same time.

See page 83 for Bonus Token details.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

AT-43 Cog converted for Tannhauser

Her is my first draft of a Cog T-Regulator converted for play with Tannhauser. Below is the figure rebased for use on a Tannhauser board. As you can see he is equivalent in height to Asteros, and makes for a pretty impressive “Epic Character”. There is one major issue however, he is very unbalanced and tends to lean forward and fall on the smaller base. So, I glued a washer in to the base’s recess (I used a D&D minis base for him as opposed to my usual wood disc.)

Photos and more after the jump…

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Battle Report: Playing by IM

Me an Carlos Castaneda recently played a Tannhauser Deathmatch, via Windows Live Messenger 2011, with the Messenger Plus add on installed to allow for the use of a dice rolling script.

There will be a detailed report after the jump…

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Status Update…

I like to do these posts about what I’m up to every so often, just to keep you guys in the loop.

Right now I’m working on way too much stuff, I need to add some more things to the Mythopoeia, I’m working on an Epic hero Alien Mercenary, with some folks over on the FFG forums, and I’m still developing my semi-modular map idea.

In other news, I just finished my first play by IM game with Carlos from the FFG forums, and I must say it was very fun, I have 17 pages of chat log to condense into a Battle Report. Oh and I’m still trying to find the time to do a new video, but it’s hard with a put anything before her. So the delays continue.

As for this month’s bonus token it will be a little late.