Thursday, June 23, 2011

After Action Report: A Zombie Scenario.

Well me and the wife managed to find a couple hours to play through my simple zombie scenario I posted a couple of days ago. It all went well and played like a longer more challenging death-match for the Union. For my wife her infinite zombie supply allowed her to be more focused in her attacks; attacking my entire squad on some turns, and then singling out a weaker character on others. Check out the rest of the report after the jump…

My strategy was a very defensive one. We played on the Gevaudan map from the Daedalus Map Pack, which features a cabin with limited points of access where I could create choke points. I was able to use these narrow paths to restrict who was attacked and when. I also employed a number of bonus tokens, This gave my squad an unorthodox equipment load out.

My team consisted of John, Tala, Barry, and two Commandos Alpha. They were equipped as follows: John had his combat pack, Tala used her stamina pack, but her S&W 1917 was replaced with the “Weapons Cache” which was traded for a Trench Gun. Barry was equipped with his stamina pack, and nothing special. Finally, I equipped my commandos, the first Alpha was armed with his combat pack, and had his M15 replaced with the M5 Special, which gave him an empty equipment slot. The second Alpha had his combat pack, and his M15 replaced with the X-5NR Stabilizer, this lets you reroll your two lowest dice, and combined with his Flashgun give him almost as much firepower as John.

As the game progressed it became clear that Barry, John, and the second Commando Alpha were doing the most damage, and while I did not remember to keep an exact count, they killed over 20 zombies. Barry alone killed at least eight.

But in the end my wife’s strategy of weakening the whole group, and then going after the weakest among them led to only Barry surviving till turn 10. And by the end of Barry’s activation, it was clear he would not survive till the end of the turn. He found himself alone in the woods surrounded by all six available zombies. He would put up a valiant fight taking two of the undead with him, but he finally fell after the fourth attack.

In all the scenario took about two hours to play through, and was quite fun. I t was interesting to use the bonus tokens, and try out different combat strategies, because you never ran out of enemies you try a variety of combat tactics.

See your around… and remember better dead then zed.