Saturday, June 4, 2011

AT-43 Cog converted for Tannhauser

Her is my first draft of a Cog T-Regulator converted for play with Tannhauser. Below is the figure rebased for use on a Tannhauser board. As you can see he is equivalent in height to Asteros, and makes for a pretty impressive “Epic Character”. There is one major issue however, he is very unbalanced and tends to lean forward and fall on the smaller base. So, I glued a washer in to the base’s recess (I used a D&D minis base for him as opposed to my usual wood disc.)

Photos and more after the jump…


Below you will find the first draft of his rule sheet, it is extremely subject to change, so suggestions are still welcome.

Cog draft

What I really need is a name and a bio for this character.The only thing I have thus far, is he is an escaped alien criminal trapped here on earth after attempting to take control of the ship transporting him back to his home planet, but the ship crashed at Roswell NM. He hid out for a while using his Holographic Cloak, but it ran low on power and Union authorities eventually caught him eviscerating cows for dinner not far from Reno NV. He is the worst criminal his people have, a mix of Moriarty, Hannibal Lecter, and  Osama bin Laden. His people on the other hand are strict authoritarians, with a socialist-democracy ruled by a triumvirate. They’re strict vegans and the consumption of meat is not a crime but considered a deviant mental disorder. Their advanced technologies have eliminated poverty (as we know it), most disease, and most crime, but there are still those who commit crimes for the joy of it and not the necessity. No one robs a bank on their planet because they need the money, they do it because it’s fun.

Well that’s it for now, all suggestion are welcome and I look forward to everyone’s thoughts.