Friday, June 24, 2011

Beware the Cavetroll.

FFG makes a board game called Cavetroll, which features a wonderful map painted by Henning Ludvigsen. He’s an amazing digital artist who also painted the Tannhauser Outpost of Gevaudan map, many cards for FFG’s Call of Cthulhu card game. Recently he did all the map tiles for the Mansions of Madness game also by FFG. So you can see I’m a fan of his work. You can check out his web site here:

But enough fanboy gushing… Read the important part after the jump…

As I mentioned FFG makes Cavetroll, and I’ve taken the Cavetroll board resized it to 26x26 inches (the standard Tannhauser board size), and added a full pathfinding system, making it fully Tannhauser compatible. (Note: the original image was not extremely high res, so this is only 200dpi.)

Cavetroll_board copy

Some more about what I did…

In Cavetroll the map is divided into several “rooms” by what might be wooden doorways. What I did was to reinterpret those “doors” as wood wall sections, and then cut out new doors where I wanted them. This kept the actual editing of the map to a minimum.

I then added all the paths, placing the entry points on the four stair cases. Then I began laying out the objectives. I decided the “wells” possessed an evil aura, so I gave them each a Sangfroid Objective, and placed mental penalties around them. Next I thought that this “cave” might have some weak points where explosives could be planted to collapse it. So, I placed four Weaponry Objectives around the map.

I finished by sprinkling in a few more objective circles, and adding a few action circles.

Well here’s to hoping you all enjoy this derivative work, and remember then name Henning Ludvigsen, because without artists like him we would still be playing Candyland.

Cavetroll and the map image are copyright of FFG, I left their copyright notice on the bottom of the map.

UPDATE: I made an error posting this map originally, and did not post a full res version, but I corrected this, sorry for any inconvenience.