Monday, June 6, 2011

Der Vaterland Version 2.0

I wasn’t happy with my Vaterland token for this month, mostly because I had an idea and FFG beat me to the punch, and I don’t like being unoriginal. So I was inspired last night to make this remake of the token with a completely different power, and fluff, so here we go.

Der Vaterland

vaterland obscura korps back

The Germans fight best on their home soil, the Vaterland, and now the Kaiser has declared the world the be Germany’s, so now all soil is home soil.

Rank – A character equipped with this token may enter the map via any entry point (including an enemy’s) or via any “Secret Door”.

Remember that your are limited to three bonus tokens per team, but there is no rule saying they can’t be the same token. So, you could in theory have three characters with this ability at the same time.

See page 83 for Bonus Token details.