Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ghost Recon, Shadow Wars: Game Review


If your like me you probably don’t tote the mass of cardboard and plastic that is Tannhauser, instead you may carry something lighter like a Nintendo 3DS. I recently received a copy of Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for the 3DS and I have to say the game play is very Tannhauser like. While the theme and setting are quite different then Tannhauser, i.e. this game takes place in the near future and focuses on anti-terrorism, and a vast Russian conspiracy, but defiantly has a similar gameplay experience.

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Ghost Recon 3DS, is a turn based strategy game where each character can move and preform a single action, sound familiar. Also your primary characters have variable equipment that can alter their abilities, much like the token allow for in Tannhauser. There are also Command Point abilities. All in all there are more similarities in the feel of the game play than differences, and I think it can satisfy your Tannhauser itch when toting or setting up the full board game is unpractical, or if there’s just no one to play with.

While the future soldier theme and story may not strike a cord with Tannhauser fans, some of the characters might. The six “Ghosts” you command are a slightly clichéd mix, but it’s the clichés that make the characters seem familiar. For instance there’s the big angry African American with an even bigger gun. Then there’s the hot tempered red head that can turn invisible. Also we have a cool headed commander, and a brunette field medic. All these characters have a very Union feel, and it’s almost like playing a game with Barry, Hoax, MacNeal, and Tala. The final two characters are a sniper and a combat  engineer, which don’t really have true Tannhauser counter parts yet.


One final note, Ghost Recon features “pass and play” multiplayer which allows two people to play the game without having two 3DSes.

I’ve played about 20% of the way through this game since receiving it Friday, and I really recommend this game, if you looking for a portable board game experience, and you have a 3DS.