Friday, June 17, 2011

The Left Overs

Whenever I create a custom Tannhauser character I generally need eight to nine tokens for them to have full packs, but to come up with those eight or nine, I often create as many as fifteen. So,what happens to all those extra tokens? Well, if I’m working on a whole team like the Phantom Division, then the extras usually get used by other characters in the team. However, I don’t often create whole teams or Factions, so many token ideas end up in a file for forgotten tokens. Now, I go back and use some of those forgotten tokens if I’m working on a new character, and I think to check, but many of them just stay unused.

So, why I’m I talking about all this? Well, I’ve decided I would post a few of these unused tokens, so you folks might be able to put them to use as bonus tokens or what not. Take a look after the jump.

Please remember these are cast offs, they may not be up to par and have never been play tested. No fluff text is included.

meceriless Merciless: Ability - When attacking a wounded character add two additional dice to your attack roll.
Return Fire Return Fire: Ability - You may make a Counter Attack without spending a Command Point.
reanimate Reanimation: Ability - You may take a second complete Activation for the cost of two Command Points.
Rpg RPG  5: Weapon - When attacking with this weapon you may target any circle on your path, any character (friend or foe) in the targeted circle receives 5 Automatic Successes, and all adjacent characters receive 3 Automatic Successes.

This weapon may not be used to make a Counter Attack, nor may Extra Ammo be used with this weapon.

mine Proximity Mine: Hardware - You may use an action to place this mine on any adjacent circle, at the beginning of the next turn any character (friend or foe) passing through or stopping on an adjacent circle suffers 4 Automatic Successes.
vengance Vengeance: Ability - When making an attack during a turn in which an allied Hero was killed, you add three additional dice to your attack roll.

You may only do this once per turn, flip this token face down after its use, the flip it face up in the Refresh Tokens Phase.

red The Red Tincture: Hardware, Occult - The range of all Hermetica is increased by 1.
bullets Exploding Bullets: Hardware - When attacking with a Weapon Automatic or Pistol, you may discard this token and count each Success rolled as two Successes.

You must do this before this dice roll.
blind Blind Sight: Ability, Mental, - This token gives all weapons you carry the "Mental" trait, and allows you to target an enemy at a range of your Current Mental Value +1, the target may be out of path.
pentacle Pentacle: Occult - Place this token in your current circle, while you are standing on this token you may not be targeted by Mental Attacks/Duels.
M15A1 M15A1: Smoke Grenade - Follows all Smoke Grenade rules found on pages 22, 23, except that its effect extends one circle beyond its current path.
none shall pass None Shall Pass: Ability - You may not be Bull Rushed.

Hoax may not use this token.
nutral back Standard Faction Neutral Token Back.