Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Simple Zombie Scenario.

Here is a simple Zombie death-match survival scenario. You’ll need a few things to play it, but it’s not a complex scenario, just something fun. A more complex story set will be on its way using these components.

Check out the full rules and download the printable Zombie Character sheet after the jump…

Like I said this isn’t a complex scenario, but it still has it’s merits. Because the Zombies have infinite reinforcements, resource management and knowing when to commit to combat are vital skills if the Union player hopes to win. So, here it is…

A Zombie Scenario:

Required materials:

Tannhauser, no expansions are required, but any may be used, and this scenario may be played on any map.

Six Zombie figures, I used Oni Zombies from AT-43, but any 28mm Zombie figures will work. Number your figures 1-6.

(You can see my converted Oni zombies here: The Untotetruppen Unleashed.

Six Tannhauser style Health Indicators. I used the ones from the Reich characters.

The included six zombie Character Sheet. See below.


This scenario pits the Union against the Zombie faction.

Each player receives 2 Command Points.

Randomly place Crate Tokens on each Objective and Action Circle.

The Zombie player deploys his six zombies adjacent to any Objective Circle, if possible more than one zombie may be placed adjacent to the same Objective Circle.

The Union player selects and deploys via a single Entry Point.

The Zombies always have Initiative.

Zombie Rules:

Zombies may only spend Command Points to launch a Counterattack.

Zombies may introduce Reinforcements for free, and these reinforcements may deploy via any Entry Point even the Union's. See page 26 of the Revised Rules for further details.

Zombies may not search crates, or use any equipment other than what's on their Character Sheet.

All Zombies are equipped with Hand-to-Hand weapons, see the zombie character card for further details.

Victory Conditions:

The Union wins if at least one character survives for 10 turns.

The Zombies win if all Union characters are eliminated.

Here is the Zombie Character Sheet (click it for the full size version)

new multi zombie Character card copy

Note: you’ll need to print this on legal size paper to get the size right, as it is 5.5 by 11 inches. Most printers will not print a full 11 inches.