Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tannhauser Crate Markers.

Since Tannhauser was first released in 2007, there have been three different Crate Token back graphics. Now they are all very similar, but someone could possibly cheat using the differences to let them know what’s on the token’s face. So beginning with Daedalus FFG has began “replacing” the crate tokens, but what if you want to use all your crate tokens? Well, one solution is to mix all the crate tokens in a cup or dice bag, and use some other item to mark the crate location on the board. So to further your ability to use this method, I’m going to show you how to make some nice Crate markers, for less then $5 a dozen.

So for full instructions, and a materials list, check it out after the jump…

So here’s what you’ll need:

From Hobby Lobby I picked up some…

1 inch wood discs, 12 for $0.88

9/16 inch wood cubes, 72 for $1.79

Beading wire 24 gauge, for $1.99

(Total: $4.66)


Wire cutters

Super Glue

Some Sharpies or paint or stain, we’ll talk about all that more in a bit.


So above is an example of a simple wire bound crate like those still used by militaries around the world. Below you can see the real thing, just some wood slats and heavy wire.


So first we start with a 9/16 inch wood cube.


The using just a brown Sharpie, and a ball point pen, color you cube a more Tannhauser create brown, and then using the pen draw parallel lines on four sides, pressing hard so to indent the lines in the soft wood. (Ignore the stylus, it’s just to prop up the cube fro the camera.)


Next, we wrap the cube with the beading wire.


Then take one of the 1 inch wood discs and color it black to make a base.


Then its just a simple matter of gluing the “crate” to the base.


Here a shot to show scale.


Now here are some other ideas for decoration, the first uses a rubber stamp and some white ink for the star, then there’s one with out the brown to be more like the real one. The third one actually has the lines drawn not with a pen, but with a nail, so they’re just un-colored groves. The last on has handles, Which are just a short bit of beading wire stuck in to two small hole make with a large safety pin.


Other methods for finishing include using stain to color the cube, then making the groves with a nail to indicate the slats, and using a dark wash to bring out the depth.

Well I hope you like them, after I finish them all up I post some more picks of them on the board.

…and here they are on the board…