Monday, July 18, 2011

FFG Summer Campaign Revised Ed.

I’ve been working on these scenarios for a while now, and to be honest they are not easy to convert to the Revised Rules. Many of the older scenarios relied very heavily on the Victory Points system, which was removed from the Revised Tannhauser Rules. But I have worked hard to maintain the “spirit” of these scenarios if not all their original mechanics. I have not had time to play test these, so if you find any problems, or have any questions, let me know.

So, here are the beta versions, I’ll be updating the se as needed, but they should all be playable now.

Operation: Work the Angles

Operation: Wave of Mutilation

Operation: How to Disappear Completely

Operation: In the Meantime

Operation: Separation Anxieties

Operation: Disorder in the House

Operation: She Floated Away

Operation: 7 Words

Remember all these scenarios are Union vs. Reich and can be played with only the Tannhauser Core Game. I hope everyone enjoys.

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