Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The British Empire and the Union

With the introduction of the revised rules for Tannhauser by FFG we’ve seen a cleansing of U-Chronic history, and it’s made me wonder about some different possibilities for how the Union came to be and how the British Empire fits in.

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According to the old U-chronic history of the Tannhauser universe Britain is part of the Union, and maybe even subordinate to it; the exact nature of the alliance or unification is unclear. However, it is clear it is based on a joint effort to stop the Reich. But what if Tannhauser history had unfolded differently, what if America had instead of befriending our old oppressors, we had simply conquered them. This is actually a little more likely then you may think.

War Plan Red, was an American planned invasion of Great Britain and it’s territories, including the Commonwealth of Canada. It was developed in the 1920s and approved in May 1930, it wasn’t until Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 that  the plan was abandoned. In fact the plan was so far along that in the ‘30s $57 million was spent on preparations, including the construction of three forward airfields for the invasion of Canada. Other components of the plan included a transatlantic invasion of the British Isles conceived by none other than Charles Lindbergh, and chemical weapons designed by Gen. MacArthur.

War Plan Red was very real, and if it weren’t for Hitler’s rise to power World War II may have been very different indeed, but what if instead of this being planned in the ‘20s after the end of the real Great War; it was planned and put in to action in the early 1910’s. This would really change the U-Chronic universe, and make for a vastly different political landscape in the never ending Great War of Tannhauser. Just something to think about next time you playing what if scenarios in your head.

There were many other plans in America’s color coded war chest, check out this Wikipedia page for a little more: US Color Coded War Plans. There are links to more detailed articles on some of the more interesting war plans.